Todd Chrisley Has A Secret Weakness, Something He Just Can’t Do!

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Famous prim and proper reality dad Todd Chrisley prides himself on having it all together. Fans for years have watched this picky patriarch obsess over details and keeping up appearances. Today, the celeb may have accidentally revealed a secret weakness that he has never expressed before. Read on to get the details on Todd’s latest dilemma.

‘It’s Very Important’

The official Chrisley_USA Instagram account posted a short clip today from an upcoming episode of the Chrisley Knows Best. In the clip, Todd rolls up to his house and rolling down the window as he approaches his mother and his son, Chase. From his position in the driver’s seat, Todd asks his two family members what they are doing. Without waiting for a response, Todd tells them they need to get in the car and come with him. Nanny Faye Chrisley informs Todd that she and her grandson are headed inside to watch a ballgame on television.

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Unfortunately, Todd isn’t taking no for an answer and quickly tells them they ‘don’t need to do that,’ and reiterates that they need to get in the car and go along with him. His mother retorts with “But I wanted to hang out with him,’ referring to Chase. Father Chrisley keeps a straight face and says “I know, Mama but you need to hang out with me, it’s very important.”

At this point, Nanny Faye changes her tune, thinking perhaps something might be wrong. “What we got going on,” his mother asks inquisitively. Todd simply says, “LUNCH.”

After being informed that Chase and his mother have already eaten, the reality celeb patriarch replies, “Yeah, but I can’t sit by myself.”

Todd Has a Hard Time ‘Sitting Alone?’

Fans in the comment section of this video thought the clip was hilarious but did point out the fact that Todd not only seems to have some ‘attachment’ issues with his mother – but also seems to be overly sensitive to potential criticism. This might explain why the famous reality star ‘can’t sit by himself.’ Perhaps he feels like people are staring at him if he sits alone at a restaurant. Maybe he is worried that other patrons might think a date stood him up.

Heck, they might even think Todd has no friends and has to eat alone. Either way, the idea of going to a restaurant to take in a meal by himself is something that he clearly takes issue with. So much so that he is literally coercing his family members to come along and eat a second lunch so he doesn’t have to endure the anxiety of sitting alone.

Todd Chrisley, Check Yourself, Your Insecurities Are Showing

While no one is perfect, Todd Chrisley prides himself on being as close as one can get. The man can obsess over the most minute of details and it’s a rare day in Satan’s ballroom that you see pictures of this celeb not looking his normal dapper self.

Clearly, Todd’s image is very important to him. Some fans mused that maybe has some deep-rooted issues of feeling lonely or judged. Regardless, the clip really made Todd Chrisley just a bit more relatable to the fanbase. It showed them that he too had weaknesses and combats the occasional negative internal dialogue.

Why do you think Todd Chrisley is so adamant about not sitting alone in a public restaurant? Tell us your theories in the comments.

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