What?! Savanah Brown Driving Already?! ‘Sister Wives’ Fans In Disbelief (PHOTO)

Kody and Savanah Brown/Instagram

Time doesn’t stop for anyone, not even reality stars! Sister Wives fans were shocked to learn that Savanah Brown is driving. How old is the daughter of Janelle and Kody Brown, anyway? Plus, fans praise Janelle for how she’s teaching Savanah to drive.

How old is Savanah Brown?

Savanah Brown is the youngest of the six children of Janelle and Kody Brown. She was born on December 7, 2004, meaning she will turn 17-years-old this year.

Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram
Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram

As unbelievable as it is, Savanah IS old enough to drive. In fact, in Arizona where the plural family lives, teens can get their permits at 15 and a half.

Proud Janelle shares stunning Homecoming photo

Followers of the Sister Wives star may have already had an inkling that little Savanah is growing up. Earlier this week, Janelle posted a photo on Instagram of her youngest daughter’s Homecoming outfit. Apparently, the teen went to the dance the prior weekend.

Savanah stuns in a floral print dress, her long hair flowing. Janelle didn’t reveal if her daughter had a date to the dance or attended with a group of friends.

Regardless, the post garnered over 20k comments, mostly about how beautiful Savanah looked. One follower commented that she inherited Kody Brown’s curls. See the stunning photo of Savanah:

Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram
Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram

Sister Wives fans shocked to learn Savanah is driving now

A few days after sharing the Homecoming photo, Janelle was back on Instagram to blow the minds of her followers once more. She shared a photo of Savanah, focused and steady, behind the wheel of a car.

The comment section filled up with complete disbelief that Savanah is old enough to drive. Read some of the comments on Janelle’s post about Savanah driving already:

  • Is that the baby? How can she be old enough to drive?
  • Doesn’t this [make] you proud and sad at the same time?
  • Omg!! She was 5 yesterday!! Crazy
  • She can’t be old enough to drive yet
  • Savannah driving oh my goodness she’s no longer a baby !!! Growing up so fast .
Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram
Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram

Fans HEAP praise on Janelle for how she’s teaching her daughter to drive

You may notice in the photo above that Savanah isn’t driving on the road. Rather, it appears that she driving on the Coyote Pass land where Janelle’s living in an RV.

Sister Wives fans took to the comments to praise Janelle for teaching Savanah in a field instead of the roads.

Love the country life for this. My teen is learning too. We drive around the field and backroads until she’s comfortable then we’ll try in town,” one follower wrote.

Another jokingly thanked Janelle for the warning. Savanah was also praised for “2 important things her hands are on the wheel and she looks focused.” “Good luck,” the fan added.

One of Janelle’s Instagram followers recounted how their dad donned a football helmet when teaching them to drive. Another said they left it up to their husband, as they were too nervous.

Janelle didn’t mention Kody, so it’s unclear if he was involved in teaching his daughter to drive. The plural wife has been taking on a lot of responsibilities herself when it comes to living in the RV.

Does it surprise you to learn that Savanah Brown is driving already? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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