‘The Little Couple’: Jen Arnold’s Husband Bill Klein Hospitalized

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The Little Couple star Jen Arnold and her husband Bill Klein had troubling news for TLC fans. On Tuesday, October 5th, Both Jen and Bill took to Instagram to reveal he had been hospitalized. Both the husband and wife shared photos and brief updates on the situation. What was going on?

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The Little Couple: Jen Arnold’s Husband Bill Klein Hospitalized

As those who follow The Little Couple on Instagram know, Bill Klein broke his arm over the summer. Turns out, he was hospitalized at New York City’s Hospital For Special Surgery. He was being prepped to go under the knife.

TLC Husband And Wife Share Updates On Instagram

As we mentioned previously, both Bill and Jen shared photos from the hospital. The photos featured Bill Klein wearing full hospital patient attire as he was prepped for surgery.

Jen Arnold penned in her first update on the situation: “It’s never fun to be in the hospital, but it’s comforting to be at a place that we know & love. Thank you @hspecialsurgery for caring for adults with #skeletaldysplasia Pre op with @reallybillklein.”

“Ready to go! @reallybillklein is a really hard stick but IV is finally in. Time to wait & pray for an easy & safe surgery,” she continued in her second post.

Her husband Bill also jumped on his own Instagram to offer his followers an update: “Not my best look… but not my worst either 😉 thanks for the well wishes. Time for another walk in the park.”

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The Little Couple Fans Offer Love And Support

Fans of The Little Couple rushed to the comments to offer love and support as Bill Klein prepared to go under the knife. Here’s some of what loving and supportive fans had to say in the comments:

  • “Thinking of you Jen! Please tell Bill our prayers are with him. Hope to see you guys soon!”
  • “Be well. Praying for you to have a successful surgery and easy recovery so you can get back to being with that beautiful family of yours.”
  • “Extra prayers for Bill, doctors and crew for a safe, successful surgery. Extra prayers for his family too. Many blessings to you guys.”

Why Is Bill Klein Just Now Getting Surgery?

Some fans of The Little Couple wonder why Bill Klein is just now getting surgery for his arm when he broke it over the summer. Turns out, the surgeries to repair his broken elbow were considered “elective” because the accident happened during the pandemic. At the time, hospitals were required to focus on COVID-19 related medical issues. So, his surgical needs got put on the back burner.

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The Little Couple fans were happy Bill was finally getting his surgery as it was long overdue.

What do you think about Bill Klein having to wait so long for his arm surgery? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Bill Klein and Jen Arnold.

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  1. I love and miss the little couple. Bill should have had his surgery when it happened. With his and Jens health and displeasure this was not an elective surgery. I am glad I live in VA because I would be dead now if they considered my heart surgery as elective at the time. I hope Bill gets along fine, hope to see you back soon.

  2. Nice couple but bad mannered children. Never heard either of them say please and thank you. They are very blessed with all the gifts, excursions and attention they get but manners cost nothing.
    Hope their father gets well soon.

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