Kim Plath’s Real Job Is In The Medical Field?

Kim Plath, TLC

Welcome to Plathville fans have had the opportunity to get to know Kim Plath and the rest of the large family. Thanks to the TLC show, the family has been able to bring in some money in exchange for letting fans in on their everyday lives and all of their ups and downs. Plus, the family hosts guests on their old property via AirBnB.

Of course, this has fans wondering how the family paid the bills before they became famous on TLC. With nine children, there’s plenty to pay for. As it turns out, Kim’s job is in the medical field.

What does Kim Plath do for work?

According to Screen RantKim is a naturopathic doctor. Naturopathic Diaries, notes that naturopathic doctors aren’t “registered or licensed in Georgia to practice naturopathy.” The source also states that they aren’t permitted to use “doctor” as their title. So, technically, Kim shouldn’t be referring to herself as a naturopathic doctor. However, she does use the term to describe herself.

According to Zippiathe median salary for a naturopathic doctor is $135,000 per year. We don’t know exactly how much money Kim is actually bringing in. However, holistic medicine is popular, so it’s possible that her client base is only growing.

TLC YouTube, 'Welcome to Plathville'

Barry also works and has had the same job for two decades. He’s a transportation planner with a private firm.

So, between the two of them, as well as their TLC show and their AirBnB, it looks like Kim and Barry are doing pretty well and are able to support their large family.

Did she go to college?

Fans were shocked to hear Kim and Barry speak negatively about college on the show. They explained how they felt their kids could learn more from the world around them. For this reason, they don’t see a point in the kids “learning head knowledge.” Though Kim and Barry don’t seem to love the idea of their kids going to college, the Plathville matriarch did attend Florida State University. While she was in college, she majored in music. The family then went on to start a band. As displayed on the show, the Plaths are musically gifted.

So, did you know what Kim Plath’s job is? Are you surprised to learn about it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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