Kendall Long Refuses To Cry Over Spilled Takeout

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Kendall Long went to Bachelor in Paradise to get closure with her ex of two years Joe Amabile. When she arrived, she seemed ready to move on. She even had a brief connection with Ivan Hall. When she saw Joe happy with Serena Pitt, she realized it was too hard to be there and left. Originally Joe too felt overwhelmed being back where they fell in love, but he moved on with Serena.

That’s why when a preview for the finale showed her coming back to the beach, fans were nervous. They knew Joe planned to propose to Serena and thought Kendall might be trying to stop it. Turns out, she wanted to wish him the best. Clay Harbor tweeted, “The producers have to have some serious dirt on Kendall. No way she is doing this on her own accord.”


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Kendall Long Does Her Own Thing

Kendall Long has always been a quirky member of Bachelor Nation. No one can forget her obsession with taxidermy. She often talks about weird animal facts of TikTok. Lots of fans love her. She shared an Instagram post where she dropped her takeout boxes and decided to make it a teachable moment.

In the post, she said, “Life’s difficult moments are a lot like takeout food… It’s always better the next day.” She went on to say her family and friends know she’s the one to laugh things off. So instead of being upset the food was dropped she chooses to smile. She thinks “there will always be another cake.” In a TikTok, before the finale aired, Kendall Long said, “I swear I’m fine today.”

The sound in the background said she was fine while she read a book upside down and other things. She also tore apart a rose prompting someone in the comments to ask if it was from the show. 


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Fans supported Kendall Long on her socials for the most part. A lot of them want her to be the Bachelorette. One said, “Your turn to go on BIP first. You know danged well someone will fit u perfect. Then he can show up.”  Others argued he wouldn’t show up because he’s happy now. Another said, “it’s okay to cry, but then move away from the thing making you cry.”

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Fans aren’t convinced Kendall is over Joe. One the finale according to Us Weekly she said, “I came down on this beach and was completely, like, surprised by how it made me feel and how overwhelming it was. And I think ultimately, what ended up happening is, I ended up coming here to fully let you go.”

What do you think about Kendall’s new philosophy? Would you be sad if you dropped your cake? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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