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‘Midnight Mass’ Season 2: Is It Going To Happen?

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Some hated it, some loved it. No matter how you feel, Midnight Mass made a splash on Netflix. The religious, small town, horror, vampire series caught everyone off guard. The producer, Mike Flanagan, put a spin on a very sacred subject. This gamble paid off and Midnight Mass spent a week close to the top ten.

Let The Mass Begin

The backdrop for Midnight Mass is a small island. Crockett Island is a small community with its fair share of crazy. The entire backdrop is dreary, gray, and kind of depressing. But that is not all. Riley Flynn returns to his home after a prison sentence for DUI manslaughter. With a bleak outlook, his mother welcomes him. Upon arrival, he learns that their local priest went on a trip. Flynn surprised that he could go anywhere, questions that decision. Apparently, the priest is quite feeble. But soon, a replacement priest arrives, and the miracles start to occur.

Midnight Mass YouTube

Midnight Mass Spoiler Alert

Be warned there are spoilers. Mike Flanagan weaves a tale that intertwines religious beliefs with ancient folklore. In fact, it is quite brilliant. So, if you have problems with that sort of thing, stay away. The biggest issue with getting another Season out of Midnight Mass is that everyone dies, except for two teens. Yes, you read that right almost everyone dies. In the bloody, chaotic final episode, the beast reveals itself. In addition, the plan falls apart when the priest realizes his mistake. The religious zealot takes over then the island goes up in flames.

Limited is the Key Word

Mike Flanagan is known for creating limited series. He is the mastermind behind The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor. Both of these successful series were limited as well. So it is very unlikely that we will get a Season 2. But it doesn’t hurt to ponder what another Season could entail. First, your cast is mostly dead and the vampire creature flew away. This would mean a whole new set and new actors. Lastly, that would kill the feel left from the original.  As a result, it is best to leave this one alone. 

Not Gonna Happen

Flanagan wrapped up this series and left a tiny cliffhanger in the end. What happened to the teens in the boat? And that’s that. Midnight Mass gave us a brilliant ride from redemption to miracles to chaos in 7 episodes. By the way, they are all named after books in the bible. The possibility of recreating that same formula is not likely. You already know the secret, and what it’s about. Furthermore, the twist is no longer there. So we should probably be happy with what we got. After all, the producer knows best. Don’t expect a Season 2.

Consequently, if you developed a curiosity for Midnight Mass, check it out on Netflix.

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