Jinger Vuolo Fuels Rumors She’s Broke After ‘Counting On’ Cancelation

Jinger Vuolo Instagram

Jinger Vuolo appears to be looking for new ways to make money after her family’s show, Counting On, was canceled by TLC. For those who don’t know, TLC made the decision to cancel the series after Josh Duggar’s arrest earlier this year. He was arrested for the possession of child sexual abuse material or child pornography. His trial is in November. Duggar fans are eager to learn the truth about his latest scandal.

Because the show was canceled, it looks like several members of the family are searching for other ways to bring in income and support their families. Jessa Seewald has started posting on YouTube more frequently. Abbie Duggar started a clothing resale shop. Now, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are also exploring more ways to make money.

Jinger Duggar Instagram
Jinger Vuolo Instagram

Jinger Vuolo promotes products online to make money.

On Tuesday, Jinger posted a new ad on social media. In the post, she’s promoting a robot vacuum. She shared a couple of photos of it and wrote about the product, explaining how it makes life with two little kids much easier. She wrote, “It not only cleans up after our littles, but they are obsessed with watching it do all the work as I relax and sip my coffee. It’s a win-win!”

She also included a couple of promotional codes to give fans a discount if they want to buy the vacuum as well. It’s unclear how Jinger is receiving compensation for promoting the vacuum. Some companies may give her a free product in exchange for a post about it. Others may give her a commission each time the promotional code is used.

Because of TLC’s 19 Kids & Counting and Counting OnJinger has 1.4 million followers, so that is a good number of people who could possibly buy the product and use her code.

Duggar fans have mixed feelings about her promoting these products online. Some are applauding her for making money while staying home with her kids. One fan writes, “She got it for free for promoting the product. Good for her. Being a Mom is a full time job.”

Other fans, however, dislike these sponsored posts. They think she’s “grifting.”

You can see Jinger’s promotional post here.

So, do you think that Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo are broke because Counting On is over? Or do you think she’s simply promoting products on social media to bring in some extra money? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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