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Are Chris Conran & Alana Milne Together Following ‘BIP’ Drama?

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Chris Conran and Alana Milne left paradise separately after mob mentality ran them off the beach. Previously in a relationship with Jessenia Cruz, when Alana came into Bachelor in Paradisehe broke it off. Actually, he just started making out with Alana without having a conversation with Jessenia. Despite multiple people doing the same thing, Chris became villainized and ran off the beach.

Now that Paradise is over, fans wonder if they were able to reconnect after the beach. Now they can share that they’ve been together the whole time, as have two other couples we saw break up on the finale. Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs are together. Also, Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer are still a couple.

Chris and Alana left separately but it seems they reconnected and bonded over the fact they were embarrassed on national television. The conversation they had before leaving gave a lot of people watching second-hand embarrassment. Alana told Chris she didn’t know that she could leave with him after one date. Obviously, they’ve had more time to date and get to know each other since they left.

What Did Chris Conran Say About Their Relationship?

Alana Milne shared a picture with Chris Conran and said, “Paradise is wherever I’m with you.” Chris reposted it and said, “3 months of no cameras or producers.”

Chris Conran, Instagram

Chris admitted he was not very good at communication and had been working on it. He also said, “I’m an extremely non-confrontational person. It’s something I’ve needed to fix and I’m glad it’s been brought to light.” Some fans were on Jessenia’s side just because of the way Chris went about things. Others, were not, because she dropped Ivan Hall who she’d connected with as soon as Chris showed up.

How Did Alana Feel About The Drama

Alana for her part said she didn’t show up to cause drama. When she got there, she knew she wanted to see Chris Conran, but he wasn’t the only guy on her list. According to Us Weekly, her options were open. For some fans, they felt Chris and Alana were giving a harder time than Brendan Morais and Pieper James who blatantly came on the show for each other.

Chris Conran, Instagram

There isn’t going to be a reunion show for fans to see the cast member’s thoughts after Paradise this year. The Bachelorette is starting very soon after BIP which isn’t usually the case.  Are you happy for Chris and Alana and their relationship? Do you think they were given a fair chance on the beach? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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