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‘7 Little Johnstons’ Family Gives Fans Chills With Serious Throwback

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7 Little Johnstons family gives fans chills with a serious throwback picture. Keep reading to find out more.

7 Little Johnstons family gives fans chills with a serious throwback

Recently, someone on the official 7 Little Johnstons Instagram page shared a major throwback photo with fans. The throwback photo of the family is from 11 years ago. The second photo is a recent picture of the family. In what the caption calls “Transformation Tuesday.”

7 Little Johnstons
Instagram 7 Little Johnstons

It’s hard to believe that the kids in the first black and white photo are all nearly adults now. So what are they up to? Keep reading to find out.

7 Little Johnstons
Instagram 7 Little Johnstons

What are they up to now?

Last TV Shows Ace reports Anna Johnston, 21, has moved out of her parents’ house. However, from the looks of her Instagram, she still enjoys spending time with her family. Just three days ago, she shares photos with the rest of the fam at a corn maze.

7 Little Johnstons
Instagram 7 Anna Johnston

TV Shows Ace last wondered if Jonah Johnston, 21, moved to North Carolina with his girlfriend, Ashley. There isn’t any clear indication. According to his LinkedIn profile, Jonah has been working full-time at Butler Toyota for the last nine months. Unfortunately, his Instagram doesn’t give any updates. The last post Jonah made was 461 weeks ago.

Elizabeth Johnston, 19, was the first of the kids to move out. From the looks of her Instagram, things are going great for the nursing student. Her most recent Instagram picture is from exactly a month ago. Liz shares a photo of her dog with fans.

Elizabeth Johnston
Instagram Elizabeth Johnston

The youngest Johnstons update

Adopted from Seoul, South Korea when he was just six months old, Alex Johnston is now 16 years old. Just last week TV Shows Ace shares that Alex and his little sister, Emma, 15, were looking forward to homecoming week at school.

When it comes to the youngest Johnston, Emma, fans may be surprised to learn that she has a substantial social media following. This comes in handy for running her business. Recently, she shows off her dance moves at home because she wasn’t going to attend the homecoming dance. Like Anna, she also shares photos from the family trip to the corn maze.

Does the 7 Little Johnstons throwback photo shock you? Are you happy to learn about what the kids are up to now? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more 7 Little Johnstons news.

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