Whitney Way Thore is Stunned by Chase Again!

Whitney Way Thore returns for Season 9 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life on TLC

Let’s face it. Reality TV is all about drama. Whether fights erupt, people cheat, embezzling schemes or marital woes. Nothing is off the table with this genre of television. Just ask Whitney  Thore. She is one reality star who continues to endure the crazy roller coaster that is reality TV. Nevertheless, she manages to take each heartbreak, each upset, each disappointment and come out on top.

The Breakup

Last season, we saw Whitney’s love life collapse as her fiancé relayed the news of cheating. This was followed by more news of fathering a child with the woman he cheated with. We watched Whitney’s tears and felt her pain as if she was our own sister, our own neighbor, our own friend. Shortly thereafter, Chase, now deemed “Cheating Chase,” suffered the wrath of the Whitney fans.

 Revenge for Whitney Thore

Upon hearing the sad, sad news. Thore’s fans raced to her aid and pummeled Chase’s social media. Unforgiving and vicious in their attacks, they would not forgive him. In the end, Whitney came to Chase’s aid and pleaded with fans to cease and desist. However, Chase said that he’s grown from them. So why are we still talking about Chase?

Credit: Whitney Way Thore/YouTube
Credit: Whitney Way Thore/YouTube

Meeting with the Enemy

Just when we think that we are safe from hearing about Chase Severino, he pops up yet again. This time, he wanted to meet with Whitney to patch their friendship. Thore agreed and they met at bar. She wanted to hear what he had to say. Needless to say, fans’ mouths hit the floor.

The News

The meeting started off simple. Hugs exchanged, smiles and small talk. Then the other shoe drops. Chase proposed to the mother of his child. Whitney, stunned and blind-sided, verified the news and congratulated her ex. As is true Thore fashion, she handled the moment with elegance. The MBFFL star admitted it was tough news to take. She stated, “I definitely never expected that this would be so painful to hear.” She went on to say, “It’s crazy to think that within a year, someone that I used to be in a relationship with is now a father and is engaged…” Ouch.

Chase explained how he did it saying, “We were in Jamaica,” he says. “So just went to some waterfalls, it’s called Dunn’s Falls. So we went to that, and then I had this ring in my pocket, and the water’s just crushing me. So I was like, ‘Sarah, let’s take a picture,’ and then…” Whitney gave him a hard time about it being similar to the way he did it with her! He replied saying, “I was like, we’re on the top of a waterfall, let’s take a picture. Now were saying it, it kind of seems…yeah. I’m a one-trick pony I guess.”

Whitney’s Happiness

They say everything happens for a reason. Maybe Whitney dodged a bullet with this one. As time unfolds, the true reason for this upset will be revealed. It will just take a lot of patience. We have no idea what’s in store. The Frenchman seemed a strange alternative. But seeing Whitney happy is always a good thing. However, as of late, his revelations regarding staying out of the limelight are bringing up more questions. Watch My Big Fat Fabulous Life on TLC and stay tuned.

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