Jinger Vuolo Introduces New Family Member: See Pictures

Jinger Vuolo Instagram

Jinger Duggar Vuolo and her husband Jeremy welcomed a new member to the family recently. And, the proud former TLC star took to Instagram to introduce the newest addition to their family to the world. She couldn’t wait to share a few photos of the little one with her Instagram fans.

Now, those who looked at the caption before diving too deep into the photo were left scratching their heads. Did Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo hide an entire pregnancy? Did fans just miss a pregnancy announcement and baby bump? Not exactly. Wait, so did they adopt a baby? Nope! So, they got a new pet? No, that’s not what this post was about either!

So, what new addition to the Vuolo family is Jinger talking about? Who is in the photo she shared? Well, it’s not really a who… It is more of a what. Keep reading and we’ll explain.

Jinger Vuolo Instagram
Jinger Vuolo Instagram

How many children do Jinger and Jeremy have, anyway?

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have two daughters — Felicity and Evangeline Jo. Following the scandal involving her brother Josh Duggar, Jinger and her husband Jeremy dialed way back on how much they shared their children with the world. In fact, they switched to only sharing photos that didn’t contain the faces of their children.

Given their newfound privacy, it isn’t too much of a stretch that they would hide an entire pregnancy from their followers. That being said, it seems highly unlikely they would share a photo if they had a baby because of their commitment to privacy.

So, who is this new member of the family?

Jinger Vuolo Instagram Ad
Jinger Vuolo Instagram Ad

Jinger Vuolo introduces newest member to the family

In a very lengthy Instagram post, Jinger Vuolo reveals the newest member of their family is a robotic vacuum.

“Meet the RoboVac X8!” She exclaimed in the caption. The former Counting On star proceeded to explain the decision to bring a robotic vacuum into the family.

Jinger Vuolo explained: “With little kids and dark floors, it felt like we were sweeping up messes 24/7.”

She continues to reveal that the vacuum serves more than one purpose as her children find it pretty entertaining.

Jinger Vuolo Instagram Ad
Jinger Vuolo Instagram Ad

It not only cleans up after our littles, but they are obsessed with watching it do all the work as I relax and sip my coffee. It’s a win-win!”

Jinger Vuolo concluded: “Double down on that clean floor you’ve always dreamed of without having to get off of your couch!”

What do you think about the newest addition to Jinger Vuolo’s family? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the former TLC family.


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