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Is Whitney Way Thore Engaged? New Ring Makes Fans Wonder

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Whiney Way Thore may just be playing with us or is it true? She recently flashed a diamond ring on “that” finger. And for those of you in question of which one, the engagement one! Miss Thore may be off the market for all we know. Has the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star found true love? Is Whitney Way Thore engaged?

Love Is Never Easy

Viewers all know that Whitney Way Thore’s love life can be a train wreck. The most recent occurred with Chase Severino. Anyone who knows the show knows about his dude. He’s the one who confessed to cheating while they lived apart. And as a result of the cheating, he fathered a child. Gasps from around the world rung out as fans watched Whitney’s everything turn to dust. In addition, those same fans harassed Chase into hiding via social media. As a result, Whitney ended up having to come to his rescue.

Friends at the Star’s Side

With friends by her side, the star picked up her pieces and moved on. She moved back closer to her parents and started over. In fact, she even picked up a new man. That’s how you do it, Whitney! The new guy, only known as “the Frenchman,” does not like the attention of being with a reality TV star. He opted to have his face blurred during all episodes, so far. The mystery of the man will remain until God knows when.

Whitney Way Thore Instagram
Whitney Way Thore Instagram

Love or Bust for Our Star

As is the case, this relationship poses its own kind of issues. The distance for one can be hard to manage. The Frenchman lives in France and Whitney is in North Carolina. Second, there have been some concerns. The new guy isn’t too keen on being trolled by crazy fans if things go wrong. In addition, his birthday gift was a little off-center. The “best friend” pillow sent a vibe that just didn’t go over well. But there were other things as well, macaroon mix, perfume oh and yes, a ring. But don’t get too excited it wasn’t a “pop the question” kind of ring. More like something you would get a friend or buy for yourself.

Is the Wait Over?

Recently, fans noticed that our star wore a diamond ring on the most important finger of them all. The frenzy of questions and congratulations flooded Whitney Way Thore’s Instagram. Some were already congratulating the star on her impending nuptials. Everyone is so ready for her to have the happily ever after. You can feel it in her social media. But alas, this is not the case.

Yep, Not That Ring

After a ton of posts on Instagram, Whitney let the world down easy and responded that she purchased the ring for herself. It is a salt and pepper diamond and it is gorgeous on her hand. Looks like we will have to wait a little longer before we see our girl get down the aisle. But until then, the road there will be paved in questions, wonder, and drama as My Big Fat Fabulous Life continues.


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