‘Bringing Up Bates’: Carlin Stewart Talks Daughter Layla’s Health Concerns

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Bringing Up Bates fans know that Evan and Carlin Stewart’s daughter Layla has had some health issues. The one-and-a-half-year-old girl recently went to the pediatrician, and Carlin documented the appointment in a video to keep fans in the loop. Unfortunately, Carlin informed fans about more of her daughter’s health concerns.

For those who don’t know, Layla hasn’t had a lot of luck health-wise so far. Carlin and Evan previously shared that their daughter had a hole in her heart and was having trouble breathing. Recently, Carlin hasn’t posted much about Layla’s health, but now, she’s back to discuss another concern.

Carlin Bates Instagram (Carlin Bates due date)
Carlin Bates Instagram

Carlin Stewart reveals Layla’s newest health concerns.

In the Stewart family’s latest family vlog, Carlin takes Layla to a pediatrician appointment. Before the appointment, Carlin, Evan, Katie Bates, and Travis Clark go get pedicures together. Then, Carlin and Layla enjoyed a McDonald’s drive-through meal and went to their appointment.

During the appointment, Carlin recorded a few short clips of Layla sitting on the exam table in her diaper. The little girl is happy and active as she waits for the doctor to visit her. Carlin stopped filming and resumed when she was back in the car after the appointment.

Carlin said, “One thing they noticed is she’s kinda, like, staggered in her growth right now. She’s staying pretty, like, even. She is growing, but it’s small amounts.”

So, the pediatrician wants Layla to have bloodwork done at the children’s hospital. Carlin explained, “So, we’re basically gonna take her in, they’re gonna run a few tests just to make sure that it’s not, like, her thyroid, or she named a bunch of other things.”

Carlin said that Layla eats all the time, and their family is pretty petite, so that could be why she’s not growing much yet. The vlog wrapped up before Layla’s bloodwork appointment, so the family may cover that in the next video they post.

Bringing Up Bates fans leave reassuring comments for the worried mom.

In the comments section of Carlin’s YouTube upload, fans are sending loving and encouraging messages for the family. They know this situation is scary for Carlin, and they want her to stay calm. So, they are talking about their own experiences and helping her feel less alone.

One fan writes, “My daughter was the same way. She is only 4’10” now and she is 36! She was always tiny but perfectly healthy! Prayers for Little Layla.”

Someone else adds, “It’s normal for little kids to stay one size for a bit and then bam, they have a growth spurt. Hang in there! Prayers for Layla that all is well.”

So, did you watch Bringing Up Bates star Carlin Stewart’s latest video to see what her family is up to? Do you hope to see more updates about Layla’s health in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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