‘Below Deck Med’: Is Captain Sandy Speaking To Hannah Ferrier?

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Below Deck Med star Captain Sandy Yawn shared an update on her relationship with Hannah Ferrier. As fans know, the two never really got along. In Season 5, Sandy fired the chief stew for having an unregistered prescription for Valium and a CBD pen on board the yacht. This sparked controversy and outrage among the viewers of the show and fans of Hannah.

The firing did not sit well with the Aussie either. Hannah and Sandy’s feud carried on to this day. Instead of fighting amid the yacht, they’ve been going back and forth through the media. However, Hannah did reveal that Sandy reached out to her after the birth of her baby girl.

So, are the two on good terms today?

Captain Sandy shares where she stands with Hannah Ferrier

In a new interview with Us Weekly, the Below Deck Mediterranean star gave an update on her relationship with Hannah. Captain Sandy Yawn shared that her former crew member is “still angry” with her following the firing. Critics would claim that it was unfair since Hannah needed that medication for her anxiety. So, they wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Hannah is still upset with her.

As for Sandy, she’s not hurt by it. She claims that the firing wasn’t “personal.” Hannah refuted that before and claims that Sandy wanted her fired from the beginning. The former Bravo star said that her boss was competitive with her.

[Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
[Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
“She’s still angry. It’s so hard because, for me, it wasn’t personal. It’s about my career,” Captain Sandy Yawn told Us Weekly. “When a crew member shows me something and three other crew members are copied on it, my hands are tied. Yeah. I can’t.”

Sandy and Hannah worked together from 2017 until 2020. Last season, she made the decision to fire the chief stew after bosun Malia White reported her for having the items in her belongings. Sandy claims that Maritime Law was the reason behind her controversial decision.

Below Deck Med star trumps Maritime Law

Captain Sandy Yawn did not have a personal motive to fire Hannah Fire. She felt that her career was on the line because the prescription medication was on their yacht. At that point, Sandy didn’t trust Hannah. So, she had no other choice but to let her go before it became a bigger problem.

“Also, when the trust level is broken for me as a captain, I’m not taking anybody to sea,” Captain Sandy Yawn told Us Weekly. “People [tried] to take my license over the years, really, because of things that happen [with the] crew.”

Sandy says she has a “maritime lawyer on speed dial.” However, she doesn’t harbor any ill will towards Hannah. While Hannah didn’t get to see another side to Sandy, she hopes that her fans will during her first-ever tour. Sandy says she wants to use her “platform to inspire others.”

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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