‘Young and the Restless’ Weekly Spoilers: Victoria’s Wedding Chaos – Sally Schemes Again

The Young and the Restless spoilers for October 4-8, 2021, reveal Victoria Newman is still determined to have the wedding to end all weddings in Italy although there are more red flags than she can count waving around and telling her not to do this.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Mama Nikki Knows Best?

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) was furious when Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) dug into Ashland Locke’s (Richard Burgi) past and uncovered his true identity — and that he stole the identity of a dead man, the real Ashland Locke. Nick thought this was enough to get Victoria to call the whole thing off, but nope, she’s more determined than ever, so now it’s up to Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) to try to stop her daughter.

Nikki tries to put things delicately and tell Vicky that maybe the wedding should be postponed, but Victoria won’t hear of it so off they go to Italy to get things done. Will they run into Summer Newman (Hunter King) and Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) there, two other people who plan to wed.

Sally The Young and the Restless

More Wedding Antics

Remember that Victoria is still not thrilled with the wedding dress Lauren Fenmore (Tracey Bregman) had designed for her, so Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) schemes and uses Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) to get herself and the dress onto the Newman jet so Victoria will see it, fall in love with it, and insist on wearing it. Let’s see how that little plot goes for Sally.

Things get even more difficult for Victoria when Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) puts his own plan in action to stop his ex-wife from making this huge mistake that can affect their children. Will it work? He has even more information about Ashland’s past that could put a crimp in Victoria’s plans.

Mariah Copeland The Young and the Restless

Mariah Can’t Move On

Despite Tessa Porter (Cait Fairbanks) insisting to her that she does not want to carry and give birth to a baby at this time in her life, Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) can’t stop dreaming about the pitter-patter of little feet as she falls deeper into despair while trying to put on a brave face for everyone.

This clearly affects her relationship with Tessa, who doesn’t know how to truly get through to her girlfriend. By the end of the week, Mariah has a massive surprise for Tessa. She thinks will change everything for the better. However, it looks like this surprise is just going to make everything worse. Is Mariah thinking about adopting or letting someone else carry their child? Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to allow Mariah to be Abby Newman’s (Melissa Ordway) surrogate after all.

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  1. Can’t stand Victoria she acts so high and mighty. Ever since she was stabbed which was no one’s fault but she blamed it on Billy. I can’t stand this story line it is boring.

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