‘The Voice’ Fans Question Ariana Grande’s Hesitation On Turning

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Ariana Grande has heard multiple people sing her songs on The Voice before. It’s a big sign of flattery for many artists. On September 28, David Vogel was on The Voice during blind auditions. He got his guitar and took to the stage to sing Ariana Grande’s hit song of 2018 “Breathin’.” Unlike when other people have sung Grande’s songs, this one caused a lot of talk online with fans.

What Took So Long For The Voice Coach To Turn?

Immediately, Ariana Grande began to sing along and dance in her seat. She recognized her own lyrics in seconds and began to enjoy the song. While she looked like she was enjoying the song, Ariana didn’t hit the red button to turn around instantly like she had when Gymani had sung one of her songs. When Gymani performed Grande’s popular song “POV” last week, we saw Ariana turn around without any hesitation.

Ariana sat in her chair and listened to David Vogel sing for over half the song without turning around. She sat there and with the song almost over, it still looked like Ariana was unsure if she would turn around or not. Right after the song ended, Ariana pressed the button and spun around to face the singer. She was very kind to the man. She said the performance was beautiful and that she thought it was a very unique take on her song. “I love that you play an instrument too,” she stated. She continued with the compliments, saying she loved the style and his tone. ”I’m selfishly very happy I waited ‘til the last second because now you are mine and mine only,” she said. Why did she wait, if she loved it so much? Was she just waiting till the end so that she could enjoy his song?

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Fans Draw Their Own Conclusions

Fans of the show had other theories. Many thought that Ariana turned around out of guilt for the singer. She was the only one to turn around and even she wasn’t sure about it. People were posting things saying “Aw, Ari felt bad for him” or “Ariana’s hands were literally shaking over pressing the button.” If that’s the case, it was very sweet of Ariana to turn around for him. It shows that she cares more for the people than she cares about the idea of winning.

Others didn’t see it as pity though. They truly enjoyed David Vogel’s performance. Fans said things like “I love this version,” “He has a beautiful voice” and “[I don’t know] why nobody turned and [I don’t know] why ARI didn’t turn fast.” Many people enjoyed how he made the song his own and believed he deserves to be on the show. With all that being said, viewers will just have to stick around to see what happens next! Hopefully, David can prove himself to Ariana and the fans. Let’s hope Ariana Grande made the right choice!

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