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My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney’s Surgery Dilemma

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Whitney Way Thore is and will always be an advocate for body positivity. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star has weathered a number of storms. Most of which occurred within the public spotlight. However, she continues as a beacon of hope for plus-sized women all over the world. But would that change if she underwent weight loss surgery?

Whitney Lands a Reality Show

The plus-sized dancer’s big break came in the form of a viral video. 8 million views hoisted the North Carolina native into the spotlight. As a result, TLC gave her a show and fans clamored to see her life unfold. For the first time in forever, a plus sized woman navigated the weekly TV channels and did so with a bang. Whitney danced, laughed, loved, and cried in front of us all and did it with grace.

Whitney way Thore Instagram
Whitney Way Thore Instagram

Whitney is Large and in Charge

Thore’s attitude towards life and living it to the fullest is the platform of her show. In other words, She sets out to accomplish goals head on. She never lets her weight get in the way. From dancing to weight-lifting to now seeking certification as a weight trainer, Whitney proves that size does not matter. The plus-sized star defies all odds and carries herself with a “watch me do this” attitude. However, the question of her ideals did weaken a bit as a result of a recent heartbreak.

Broken Heart and Broken Spirit

During the last season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Thore experienced a huge upset. Her engagement to Chase Severino took a dive after several events. From losing the engagement ring, to issues with having the ex in the picture, then the big no, no, Chase fathered a child with another woman, Whitney lay broken yet again. Hence the positivity doubts crept to the surface. Whitney contemplated weight loss surgery.

Whitney Way Thore Instagram
Whitney Way Thore Instagram

Weight Loss Empire Loss

The question with weight loss surgery is what effect it would have on the fans and the show. For instance all this time, the foundation of MBFFL has been body positivity and being comfortable in one’s skin. What happens when the leader jumps ship and decides to fit the “accepted” norm? Fans of the show who rallied behind the plus-sized dancer could take offense and move on. If weight loss is truly in the cards, what happens to the show. In addition, without a plus-sized lead, the title of the show would no longer match. What would happen to the original body positive image.

Fans Will Have to Wait

No matter what Whitney does, we know it will be with grace and well thought through. She always enlists the ideas of others in her decisions. Her mother and father constantly listen and communicate their take on things and the star listens intently. Her support group is strong, with friends always at her side and willing to tell the truth. In the end, Thore always wins and does what is right.

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  1. I’m older than your parents. How wonderful you & your brother really respect them and it shows. I admire the way you live your life and your honesty is so refreshing. Thank you for sharing your lives with us,

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