Matt James Of ‘The Bachelor’ Talks About Bitterness

Matt James, Instagram

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell haven’t had the easiest time with their relationship. After some of Rachael’s past came back to bite her, she had to do the work. Both of them have said they put in the work to make their relationship move forward. That meant trying to keep some things out of the public eye. Sometimes that’s easier said than done for Bachelor nation couples.

Matt has been busy since he’s currently competing on Dancing With the Stars and Rachael has been very supportive. He opened up a bit more about his life, his healthy lifestyle, and how he keeps from being bitter.

Matt James Talks Life After The Bachelor

According to Yahoo when asked about his life after the show, Matt James said focusing on the negative is really draining. He said he is blessed and doesn’t have anything to complain about. Matt said, “I’m just fortunate to be in the position I am: In a relationship with someone I’m in love with.”

Matt James, Instagram

James went on to say he always tries to find the good in every situation. He isn’t bitter about anything. He said, “I’m actually excited about what the future holds and just looking forward and not looking back.” Rachael and Matt have a cute and playful relationship. Most recently he wished her happy birthday and called her his, “emergency contact.” His mother also shared pictures and raved about her son’s girlfriend.

When it comes to balancing public and private life with his relationship, he said he’s made some observations. People keep trying to live life after they leave like they are still on television and it doesn’t work. He said, “this is real life, and we don’t have to do things to try to please an audience.” He also had to talk about his bromance with Tyler Cameron. He said, “he’s one of the most positive people I know and always has the best outlook on life.” Matt said surrounding yourself with people like Tyler help you also be more optimistic.

He’s Dedicated To Service For Others

Matt James talked about his latest community project for his students in New York. When he and Tyler Cameron were living in Florida they started growing their own food with a hydroponic farm stand. He found himself surprised at how easy it was to grow food for themselves.

They decided they could bring that to their students so their families can have fresh food to eat. He wanted to take it a step further and partner with Lettuce Grow to put hydroponic farm stands in classrooms everywhere, not just New York. What do you think of Matt James’ outlook after The Bachelor? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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