Clare Crawley Subtly Responds To Dale Moss, Abigail Heringer Drama

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Clare Crawley may be down, but don’t count her out. After a week of intense drama, the reality star is letting fans know she won’t let it “take her out.” Keep reading for all the latest details of the Clare/Dale/Abigail situation.

What’s going on with Clare Crawley, Dale Moss, and Abigail Heringer?

Earlier this week, Clare Crawley almost broke the internet when she tagged Bachelor in Paradise contestant Abigail Heringer in a shady post on Instagram. The post sort-of-but-not-really addressed the rumors that Clare’s engagement to Dale Moss is off again.

Credit: Clare Crawley/Instagram
Credit: Clare Crawley/Instagram

In the social media post, Clare wrote about fake friends and people using her for media attention. It’s widely believed that Clare was shading Dale Moss.

However, the drama took an unexpected turn when Claire tagged Abigail Heringer in the post. Abigail was a contestant on Season 25 of The Bachelor and currently navigating her feelings for Noah Erb on Bachelor in Paradise.

No one knows if Clare mistakenly tagged the Bachelor Nation star or was making a low-key accusation. The tag brought rumors to light about Dale and Abigail possibly hooking up.

Bachelorette alum reveals her mother is in hospice care

In addition to touching on the rumors of a split, Clare’s Instagram post revealed that her mother is in hospice care. During her time as The Bachelorette, Clare was open about her mom’s Alzheimer’s disease.

Credit: Clare Crawley/Instagram
Credit: Clare Crawley/Instagram

The reality star struggled during the quarantine because she was unable to visit her mother. Now that she can spend time with her mom, it seems her mother is sadly slipping away.

Clare Crawley refuses to let heartbreak ‘take her out’

Even though Clare Crawley is going through it, she refuses to let it break her. She opened up with a vulnerable and emotional post on her Instagram Stories. She previously shared a clip of her dog Honey “refilling my cup” by accepting all her pets.

In the second post, Clare films herself walking the Golden Retriever, writing that she will keep “taking steps” through her heartbreak. The Bachelorette alum confesses that the drama almost “took her out,” but she refuses to let it.

Credit: Clare Crawley/Instagram
Credit: Clare Crawley/Instagram

Abigail Heringer seems unbothered by Bachelor Nation drama

Where is Abigail Heringer amid all these rumors about her? She appears to be unbothered. The Bachelor alum has yet to respond to the allegations, but her last post to her Instagram Stories gives a hint to her state of mind.

Sharing a video of the sun setting on the other side of a lake, Abigail calls the location her “happy place.”

Credit: Abigail Heringer/Instagram
Credit: Abigail Heringer/Instagram

While Abigail has yet to address the drama, her BiP love interest, Noah Erb, recently addressed it indirectly.

What do you think happened between Dale Moss and Abigail Heringer? Do you respect Clare Crawley for not letting the drama “take her out”?

Share your thoughts in the comments below. Be sure to check back with us at TV Shows Ace often for updates on this developing situation.

If you’re feeling stressed like Clare, enjoy the video of her getting love from her pup, Honey.

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