Noah Erb Reacts To Abigail Heringer, Dale Moss Rumors?

Noah Erb, Abigial Heringer, Dale Moss

Bachelor in Paradise alum Noah Erb hasn’t said anything until now in regards to the rumors Abigail Heringer was somehow involved with Dale Moss. The rumors began when Clare Crawley tagged Heringer in a post regarding her relationship status with Moss. The two split for the second time recently. So, why is Abigail at the center of the rumors? Plus, did Noah Erb react to the rumor mill? What’s going on?

Did Noah Erb react to the Abigail Heringer rumors?

The same day Crawley commented on her relationship with Dale Moss was the same day rumors emerged about Abigail. The rumors said that a recent Bachelor Nation winner and a fan favorite on BIP had recently hooked up. Clare tagged Abigail in her post. She was later untagged although it’s unclear if she untagged herself or Crawley did it.

Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer were adorable on the beach together. However, they ended things before overnights and the finale. Now, fans are also speculating if these two have rekindled their relationship post-show. Friday, the two were seen together in Tulsa, Oklahoma at a coffee shop. Noah of course is from Tulsa.

US Weekly shared details about Noah Erb posting an Instagram Story Friday that seemingly indicated he was commenting on the Dale Moss situation. In the story, he was sitting in his car recording. He said, “So, I just checked my phone and I saw some DMs and some spoiler accounts and a lot of interesting stuff swirling around.” He continued, “Huh.”

The really interesting part? A females voice can be heard laughing in the background. Abigail Heringer? Since they were seen together grabbing coffee the answer is most likely yes.

He captioned the story saying, “A lot of interesting stuff swirling around … It must be spooky season [ghost emoji].”

What’s the backstory with Dale and Abigail?

It remains unclear if there’s any truth that Dale and Abigail hooked up. If they did it was reportedly when Dale and Clare were on a break.

An insider shared that the rumors are false. They said, “They met once at flag football in New York City that a bunch of Bachelor people attended. Everyone went to a bar after, they did not sleep together. He’s never cheated on Clare.” They continued saying, “They never kissed or had sex. Dale is friends with Abigail.”

Noah and Abigail have also yet to comment on their relationship post-show.

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