Audrey Roloff Shares Why She Thinks This Baby Is A Boy

Little People, Big World Audrey Roloff

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff takes to her Instagram Stories to share why she thinks this baby is a boy. Keep reading to find out more details about Audrey’s third pregnancy.

Audrey Roloff shares why she thinks this baby is a boy

Recently, Audrey Roloff takes to her Instagram Stories to answer some fan questions. One fan asks, “How has this pregnancy compared to Ember’s and Bode’s?” The soon-to-be mother of three gives a lengthy answer.

The first thing Audrey shares is that this pregnancy has flown by. Then, she elaborates on what that means for her. “I still feel pretty unprepared, need to get the baby things down from the attic, prep for labor/postpartum etc.”

Little People Big World Audrey Roloff
Instagram Audrey Roloff

After that, the New York Times best-selling author shares what’s been fun about this pregnancy. Audrey writes, “it’s been so fun not knowing the gender this time!” Then, she shares something that she’s grateful for in all her pregnancies. “I have pretty good pregnancies and they have all been pretty similar,” Audrey writes.

Next, she gets into the not so fun details of pregnancy. “I had more waves of nausea if I didn’t eat every few hours in the beginning with this pregnancy than the other two,” writes the TLC star. Audrey also shares, “I feel like baby is super low with this pregnancy and also was with Bode.”

Reasons why this baby may be a boy

Unfortunately, this baby’s position is contributing more to her symphysis pubis dysfunction. TV Shows Ace recently reports that her symphysis pubis dysfunction is a concern for this pregnancy. In an earlier Instagram story, Audrey Roloff shares,  “my symphysis pubis dysfunction that came on with Bode around 8 months started much earlier with this babe.” When comparing pregnancies, she notes the following. “Ember was always stuck in my ribs and with Bode and this one I’ve had more SPD pain.”

Little People Big World Audrey Roloff
Instagram Audrey Roloff

According to Healthline symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) “is a group of symptoms that cause discomfort in the pelvic region.” Furthermore, it “usually occurs during pregnancy, when [the] pelvic joints become stiff or move unevenly.” Aside from being painful, SPD can also affect mobility. Healthline also notes that SPD isn’t harmful to the baby.

What do you think about Audrey Roloff and her pregnancy comparisons? Do you have any guess about what the gender of this baby is? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World news.

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