WWE Draft 2021: Top 5 Predictions


Ever since the WWE split their rosters between WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown, the draft has become one of the highlights of the year. While not taking place every year, the practice started in 2002 and has taken place numerous times over the last 20 years. As the WWE moves forward with live crowds, Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown are looking for a major shakeup. Here are 5 predictions that could take place during the draft this Friday and Monday.

WWE Draft: Top 5 Predictions

Roman Reigns and Big E. stay put
With the exception of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, no one is safe when it comes to the WWE Draft. With Roman Reigns ruling WWE Smackdown, and Big E. only recently winning the WWE Title on WWE Raw, both champions are likely to stay right where they are. Roman Reigns is set to defend the Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar at the Crown Jewell event later this month. Big E. is being positioned to face the challenge of Drew McIntyre on the red brand.

Alex Bliss to Smackdown
Last month at WWE Extreme Rules, Alex Bliss was defeated by Charlotte before the Queen ripped apart her Lilly doll. After the match, Bliss broke down, and rumors leaked that she would be off TV for a few months. With Bliss in need of a shake-up of her own, heading to WWE Smackdown could be just the thing she needs.

Smackdown Swiss

The blue brand gets Cesaro
Cesaro has been off TV for some time and even before that had been inconsistent on WWE television. Cesaro came on the scene nearly a decade ago and has been a fan favorite ever since. In the current WWE landscape, Cesaro is treading water and a move to Smackdown could be a great landing spot.

Kevin Owens goes Raw
Rumors have been flying that Kevin Owens’ contract will be expiring in 2022. The news has left many wondering if he would be sticking around. Owens has been involved in a mid-card feud with Baron Corbin and is not exactly living up to his potential. Owens could snap out of the funk he’s in by a switch WWE Raw with a fresh group of challenges.

WWE Draft: The Red Demon

Finn Balor sees red
At WWE Extreme Rules 2021, Finn Balor tapped into his Demon persona to challenge Roman Reigns. With the Universal Title on the line, Balor fell just short and landed on the losing end. After exhausting many options on WWE Smackdown, a move to Monday Night Raw could freshen up Balor and the Demon.

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