Jenelle Evans Did WHAT While Rocking A Bikini?!

Jenelle Evans is always sharing her day-to-day activities with her fans on social media. Today, the former Teen Mom 2  star raked in attention on Instagram when she posted a new story that featured her showing off her assets in a cow print bikini. Read on to find out what this celeb was up to in her funky swimwear set.

Jenelle Evans Wears Cow Print Bikini On Instagram

Former Teen Mom 2 cast member, Jenelle Evans, has carved a home out for herself on social media. Between her growing YouTube channel, her 2 million followers strong TikTok profile, and her Instagram profile which boasts nearly 3 million followers, there’s not a corner of the net that Jenelle doesn’t have a grip on. Despite no longer being on the reality tv circuit, this young celeb is oddly ambitious and is constantly finding new ways to keep herself in the public eye.

Jenelle loves sharing her life with her followers. This married, mother of three regularly shares posts and videos that highlight her enjoying time with her kids, updates on her ever-changing health conditions, and sometimes, just clips of whatever she happens to be doing that day. On Thursday afternoon, the 29-year old influencer posted an Instagram story of herself, rocking a cow print bikini. Was she on the river? Nope. Was she enjoying some pool time with the kids? Sunbathing in the backyard perhaps? Nah. Today, Jenelle Evans was painting her shed in a bikini. North Carolina style.


It’s fall yall 🍃🍂 #fallaesthetic

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Too Hot For Clothes

Jenelle Evans lives in Columbus County, North Carolina. As of late, weather in this area of the US has averaged at 92+ degrees – and that’s before humidity. So, in actuality, it tends to feel like it’s nearly 100 degrees on any given sunny day. So, when Jenelle and her husband, David Eason decided it was time to paint their outdoor shed, this celeb decided to do it in the attire that made sense, a bathing suit.

In a short clip posted to her Instagram story feed, Jenelle holds her camera out at arm’s length, smiling as she angles the lens to capture the scene going on behind her. she is only visible from the chest up, and is wearing a white, wide strapped bikini top with a low scoop neck. It is spattered with a light brown and black cow print. Her hair is worn back in a messy bun and has opted for little to no makeup – which makes sense, considering it’s likely to melt off anyway. Behind her, in the background, David is working on painting the ceiling of the family’s shed, though he is significantly more dressed than his spouse.

“My shed is almost complete,” Jenelle wrote on the video as a caption, “Yes I’m painting in a bikini cuz it’s hot AF.”

Photo Credit: Jenelle evans| Instagram

Wait, Haven’t We Seen This Bikini Before?

Yes, In fact, Jenelle Evans shared several photos of herself in this exact bikini back on September 13th. In that post, the former MTV star shared a bit about her health journey over the last few months. In her caption, she reveals that she had in fact, lost some weight without ever beginning a workout plan. How is she doing it? Jenelle says that she had made some changes to her diet and lifestyle that have really made a difference for her. In the post, she states that removing a lot of fast food, soda, and bread from her diet helped, and she has been focusing more on mental and physical health.

Typically, fans tend to be very critical of Jenelle no matter what she posts. This time, however, many opted to drop in to leave her positive comments and encouragement. Several commented on how much they loved her suit. Others said that she looked great and to keep up the good work. There were even a few that encouraged her to work on her but remember to love herself just how she is in that moment.

“Your gorgeous hunni who cares what other people think,” wrote one fan, “i am so done with bullying at any age if you don’t like what jenelle looks like then wtf you even following for oh that’s right because your a bully and have no life now to all the bullies bugger off she looks amazing.”

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