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Andy Cohen Backs Up Bethenny Frankel’s Claims About Erika Jayne

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Andy Cohen is weighing in the Erika Jayne drama. He finally responds to Bethenny Frankel’s claim that everyone knew about Erika and Tom’s legal woes. What did Andy Cohen say? Plus, Erika Jayne’s latest self-promotion tweet goes completely wrong.

RHONY alum Bethenny Frankel claims about Erika Jayne

Not only do viewers want to know if Erika Jayne knew about her husband’s alleged fraud, they want to know who else knew. Did her RHOBH co-stars have an inkling about the Broadway star’s legal issues?

According to RHONY‘s Bethenny Frankel, everyone in legal circles knew about the allegations against Tom Girardi. Along with Erika, the famous lawyer is named in a class-action lawsuit that accuses them of stealing money from Tom’s legal clients to fund their ultra-rich lifestyle, per Us Weekly.

In a recent episode of her Just B with Bethenny Frankel podcast, the former RHONY star said she first heard about Tom’s allegedly sketchy behavior several years ago. According to Bethenny, her late fiance, Dennis Shields, told her about it in 2017 or 2018.

Furthermore, the Skinnygirl founder told Andy Cohen and others about what she’d heard. What did Andy Cohen say about it all?

Credit: Erika Jayne/YouTube
Credit: Erika Jayne/YouTube

Andy Cohen weighs in on Real Housewives drama

For the most part, Andy Cohen has been silent about the allegations against Erika and Tom. He did recently say that hard questions will be asked at the RHOBH reunion.

Kyle Richards was a guest on Watch What Happens Live following the September 29th episode of RHOBH. Andy Cohen asked Kyle for her thoughts on Bethenny’s remarks. “You tell me,” Kyle responded.

Andy Cohen then confirmed Bethenny’s version of events, admitting, “She did tell us those things.” The reunion host then teased that the issue will be explored more at the Season 11 reunion.

During the episode of RHOBH, Erika Jayne seemed to make up with Sutton Stracke after an explosive confrontation over the fraud allegations. However, Kyle Richards teased on WWHL that things go bad between Erika and Sutton once again, likely referring to their showdown during the season finale airing next week.

Fans troll Erika Jayne for retweeting article about herself

What’s Erika Jayne been doing during all of this drama? When she’s not posting nearly-nude photos of herself on Instagram, she’s trolling on Twitter.

The “Pretty Mess” singer was silent while RHOBH was airing. However, one day prior, she retweeted a New York Post article with a headline calling the Bravo show the “best show on television.” However, it seems Erika neglected to actually read the article before tweeting it.

As many of the replies noted, the article was a negative take on the RHOBH starlet. A few even asked Erika if the article was too long for her to read. The diss is a reference to Kyle Richards saying an L.A. Times deep dive into the scandal surrounding Erika and Tom was “too long” for her to read.

Despite the trolls, Erika left the retweet up on her Twitter feed.

Does it surprise you that Andy Cohen confirmed Bethenny Frankel’s contention that everyone knew about Erika Jayne? Share your thoughts about Erika Jayne and the controversy in the comments below.

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