Wells Adams Says Kendall Long Is A Victim Of Timing

Kendall Long, Instagram

Kendall Long initially came onto Bachelor in Paradise saying she was there to find someone and move on. After being there for a while she even started to form a connection with Ivan Hall. However, it became too hard to see Joe Amabile moving on without her. She realized she still had some work to do and left the beach. As TvShowsAce reported, Kendall Long said, “I decided to go literally last minute, and I don’t know exactly why, but I felt like something wasn’t done.” She stated she wanted closure and needed to go get it.

Joe Amabile seems to be heading towards an engagement to Serena Pitt. Fans are really enjoying his connection with Serena. After their initial talk, Kendall thought she could handle being on the beach with him, but after watching Serena and Joe kissing, it became difficult for her. She said it broke her heart because there were so many memories on the beach between them.

Kendall Long, Instagram

Wells Adams Said It Could Have All Been Different

According to Us Weekly, Wells Adams said things could have been completely different for Kendall Long if she’d shown up on the beach first. Wells said initially he didn’t think Kendall had come on the beach for Joe. That’s why he thinks she was a “victim of timing,” and he wonders what might have happened if, “the roles were reversed.”

If Joe would have had to watch Kendall form a really tight bond then maybe it would have been just as hard for him. Wells said, “I just wished them both the best, cause they’re both really wonderful people and they deserve happiness.” He thinks Serena and Joe are very strong. He said when Kendall came in and watched, it was awkward. Wells said, “I would have been like, ‘Get me the hell outta here. I gotta go back to Chicago and sell sauce.'”

Kendall Long Showed Off Some Dead Animals

Kendall Long has always enjoyed sharing nature and weird facts on TikTok. Her most recent Taxidermy video got over 600,000 views. When she took Arie Luyendyk, Jr. on a date to a taxidermy factory, fans fell in love with her quirkiness.  She said she finds taxidermy, “a very inspiring educational tool.” While she loves to collect dead animals, she’s never killed one. Kendall is a pescatarian, she just likes to collect taxidermy as art.


Sharing a few pieces of my sustainably sourced Taxidermy collection! Strong believer that there is an ethical way to collect the art of nature! I find taxidermy as a very inspiring educational tool 🌿 #naturalhistory #taxidermy #sciencelover #naturelover #zoology

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Fans do hope Kendall is able to get over Joe and find a love of her own soon. Lots of fans felt her heartbreak and felt like she did the right thing by leaving. What do you think would have happened if Kendall would have been on the beach first? Comment with your thoughts below and get ready for the finale of Paradise next week!


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