Lori Loughlin Is Back, Will Appear in ‘When Hope Calls’

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Lori Loughlin was fired from everything after the college admissions scandal. She’s now back, and will appear in When Hope Calls.

The college admissions scandal saw a few celebrities suffer in their careers. Loughlin was swiftly fired from the majority of her roles, including her role of Abigail Stanton on When Calls the Heart. The decisions from the production companies weren’t all that surprising, but it was only a matter of time before things changed. It’s time for those changes.

Deadline shared the good news for Lori Loughlin fans. She will return to the When Calls the Heart universe through the spin-off.

Removal from When Calls the Heart

Fans of the Hallmark Channel series will remember that Loughlin’s character left the show during the sixth season. In fact, Lori Loughlin was scrubbed from the remaining episodes left to air, and the character’s exit was very quickly worked into the storyline.

It wasn’t a permanent exit. Abigail left to care for her mother, which was a similar storyline written in for Loughlin’s character on Fuller House‘s final season. Fans knew that it meant there was always the door open for Loughlin to return to the series in some sort of way. However, that is not within the main series. When Hope Calls is the series for fans to watch if they want to see Abigail again.

Rumors of Loughlin’s return started earlier this year. A federal judge agreed that Loughlin could go to Canada to film for a week. It happened to be in the same location as When Hope Calls, leading to speculation that she would reprise her role.


Lori Loughlin Will Appear in When Hope Calls

When Hope Calls is the When Calls the Heart spin-off that airs on the GAC network. That’s the Great American Country network for those who haven’t heard of it before. The first season of When Hope Calls aired in 2019 on Hallmark and follows Lillian and Grace in the early 1900s as they open an orphanage. The sisters focus in finding happiness, and of course, that means romance, while they focus on caring for the children in their care.

Abigail Stanton will appear in the second season. Loughlin will reprise the role in the When Hope Calls Season 2 premiere, set to air on Saturday, Dec. 18. This is the Christmas special episode. Abigail and Cody (Abigail’s adopted son) will turn up with a young boy who could use the help of the orphanage. Abigail will have some sort of conversation with someone from her past during the first episode, which could open the door for Abigail to remain in town.

The new season will air on GAC rather than Hallmark. The network launched on Monday, Sept. 27, and it is part of the Crown Media Family Networks, which is also the owner of Hallmark.

What do you hope to see on When Hope Calls Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

When Hope Calls Season 2 premieres on Saturday, Dec. 18 on GAC.

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