‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Shares Deep Pain With Fans

Sister Wives Meri Brown returns to Twitter

Sister Wives star Meri Brown makes a heartbreaking post on Instagram. Keep reading to find out about the deep pain the reality television star shares with her fans.

Sister Wives star Meri Brown remembers her mom

Yesterday (September 26) marks six months since the unexpected passing of Meri Brown’s mom, Bonnie. Meri’s mom passed away just 17 days after her 76th birthday. At the time of Bonnie’s passing, all her daughter had to share on Instagram was nondescript details. “She left us suddenly, unexpected, and extremely way too soon and I literally don’t know how I’m going to do the rest of my life without her,” writes the heartbroken daughter.

In a heartbreaking update, Meri Brown shares what these last six months without her mom have been like for her. “Six months of seeing something I think she’d love and remembering I can’t get it for her,” writes Meri.

“Six months of wanting to chat, ask advice, or hear her voice,” shares Kody Brown’s first wife. From the looks of the headlines, Meri has gone through a lot in the last six months. For example, she’s had to deal with neverending rumors about her life. Recently, the TLC star seems to make the most of life and has gone on vacations.

Sister Wives Lizzie's Heritage Inn Grandma Bonnie Meri Brown
Instagram Meri Brown

More of what the past six months have been like

“Six months of not getting to hear about her love for her Savior or the next giving thing she’ll be doing,” continues Meri Brown. In previous posts about her mom, Meri goes into great detail to explain the type of woman her mom is. Meri recounts how things would go “missing” during her childhood. She further explains it’s not like “toys like most mom secretly got rid of.” She gives an example of how furniture would go missing from around the house. Notably, it was always for a good reason, “because she knew a family who needed something more than we did.”

Meri Brown concludes her heartbreaking post with these last two points. “Six months of remembering all the things she taught me, the example she was, and the love she exuded.” Lastly, Meri writes, “Six months of remembering, of gratitude, of trying to be more like her. Because she was worth being like.”

Sister Wives Meri Brown
Instagram Meri Brown

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