Carlin Bates Talks About High-Risk Pregnancy, Baby’s Gender, And More

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Bringing Up Bates stars Carlin and Evan Stewart are thrilled to be expecting their second baby! The couple recently shared this exciting news with fans. Now, the pair is answering fans’ questions about the pregnancy and what’s going on with the second baby.

In her Instagram stories, Carlin posted a question box so fans can ask about her pregnancy so far. Then, she hopped online to answer the most popular inquiries. The Bringing Up Bates star dished on her high-risk pregnancy, her plans for finding out the baby’s gender, and so much more.

Why is Carlin Bates’ pregnancy high-risk?

When a fan asked about Carlin’s pregnancy being high-risk, she shared that she has three blood clotting disorders. When she was pregnant with Layla, she knew she had one disorder. The reason Carlin is being monitored is due to a higher risk of miscarriages and stillbirths with clotting disorders. This is also why Evan and Carlin announced the pregnancy so early. Evan explains that he wanted to have friends and family praying for them because of the risks.

So far, Carlin hasn’t revealed very much about her high-risk pregnancy, but she promises to share an update soon. She says, “We have one more high-risk appointment next week, so we’ll know more then.”

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Will they find out the gender before the birth?

One fan wants to know whether the couple is learning the baby’s gender before the birth. As we reported, Carlin recently opened up about a difficult decision she and Evan will soon make. They are trying to decide if they want to find out the baby’s gender before birth or if they want it to be a surprise. Evan says, “I feel like we need to find out, but everybody says it’s so fun to wait.” They still don’t know what they will do, however.

Other fans want to know what they feel like the baby’s gender is. Carlin thinks it’s a girl, and Evan thinks it’s a boy. Carlin adds that she doesn’t “really have a preference this time around.” Along with not knowing the gender, they haven’t talked about baby names yet.

Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart answer more pregnancy questions.

The pair received a lot of questions about baby number two, so they took some time to answer even more. One fan wanted to know whether the couple is nervous about going from one child to two. Evan isn’t nervous, but he admits that it will “definitely be more of a challenge.”

Fans were also wondering whether Carlin and Evan were trying to conceive. Carlin says, “We actually had been trying for a little bit with this pregnancy. We really wanted Layla to have a little sibling growing up, just to play with…really close.” The baby will arrive shortly after Layla turns two.

Right now, Carlin and Evan are in a small house and they rent. The couple plans to move before the baby is born and looked at some land recently. Carlin says, “We would love to be moved when the baby gets here.” They are especially interested in building, but it’s unclear what their plans are right now.

Carlin also showed off her 12-week baby bump. She’s excited to see it continue to grow over the next few months. She’s due April 9.

So, did you know that Carlin Bates had a blood clotting disorder? Do you like seeing her responses to fans’ questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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