‘Storage Wars’ Barry Weiss Is Back, Asks ‘Did You Miss Me?’

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Storage Wars cast and fans were recently surprised by the appearance of Barry Weiss at a storage locker facility. Could “The Collector” be returning to the storage locker treasure hunt show for Season 13?

Here is the latest information on Storage Wars OG star, Barry Weiss.

Barry Weiss Surprises Storage Wars Cast

On Sunday, TMZ reported that back in March, Barry Weiss filmed his first Storage Wars episode in eight years. Driving to the storage locker facility, he grinned and asked the other bidders, “Did you miss me?”

Of course, they did.

He was driving in a very-Barry sort of flashy car. This time it was a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr.

What did Barry bid on? No one knows. However, Storage Wars Season 14 is back on Tuesday, November 2.

When Did Barry Weiss Leave Storage Wars?

Now that Barry Weiss is back for Storage Wars Season 13, fans are beginning to wonder when he was last on the show. It has been eight years. The last time he was on the show was Season 3.

Fans always wondered why Barry Weiss left the successful show. He wanted to leave while he was at the top of his game. Although Barry was new to the game of storage locker treasure hunts, his love of antiques set him apart from everyone else.

Barry got on the show because he was pals with Thom Beers, the show’s executive producer. Beers is also the sarcastic narrator. The two had been hanging out and Beers told his pal about the “modern” treasure hunters who bid on abandoned storage lockers.

Weiss, who had teamed up with Jesse James’ father to fill TGI Fridays with antique interiors, was intrigued. He imagined that those lockers held some valuable antiques.

Beers was fascinated by all the possibilities. That is because people bought the lockers site unseen. A month later, Barry Weiss was a reality star.

Barry fans may remember that Weiss also had his own show, Barry’D Treasure. Back in 2017, Barry was interviewed in Amsterdam revealing he didn’t plan to return to Storage Wars. But, a lot has happened since then.

Storage Wars, Barry Weiss/YouTube
Storage Wars, Barry Weiss/YouTube

Barry Weiss Was In Serious Motorcycle Accident

Barry Weiss may not have planned to return to Storage Wars, but things have changed. Back in 2019, he was in a serious motorcycle accident. Barry and a pal were riding their cycles and a larger vehicle turned in front of them.

Soon, there was no pavement left. They had nowhere else to go and wound up crashing into the vehicle. This was a very serious accident. Barry sustained many injuries, including his back, chest, and leg. He had several surgeries and even spent some time in ICU.

However, this is Barry Weiss. In early 2020, Barry was photographed with Storage Wars auctioneers, Dan and Laura Dotson, who had met up with the affable reality star. They took photos and hung out.

The entrepreneurial Dotsons now have a CBD business. Moreover, Barry was happy to promote it. Now a picture of health, he was a good promo model.

Be sure to catch the premiere of Storage Wars Season 13, on Tuesday, November 2, on A&E.

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