‘Welcome To Plathville’ Olivia, Kim And Barry Have A Serious Talk

TLC, Welcome to Plathville

TLC’s Welcome to Plathville has documented the many ups and downs of the Plath family’s relationships with one another. One ongoing storyline focuses on the back and forth between Olivia Plath and her in-laws, Kim and Barry. 

Fans of Welcome to Plathville know that there has been lots of conflict between members of the family, as Kim and Barry have raised their kids in a strict, sheltered environment. They are fearful that Olivia will negatively influence the youngest children. Throughout the show’s three seasons, additional issues have risen to the surface. This has made for plenty of uncomfortable conversations between the family members. 

Though Olivia has been open about going to therapy and adding more tools to her toolbox, things haven’t always been easy. Recently, TLC shared a flashback clip from a prior episode of the show. In the video, Olivia has a pretty serious chat with her in-laws. 


TLC shares Welcome to Plathville flashback

On Instagram, TLC posted the clip, writing, “Olivia and the Plath parents have a tense conversation about their differences.” 

Kim claims that the family used to be on the same page prior to Olivia and Ethan getting married. She says she wants to “restore relationships.” But she doesn’t know how. 

Olivia makes some suggestions for mending the relationship. Then, Barry points out that Olivia has some “blind spots” and that she’s resentful. The father-in-law calls this a “character flaw.” 


The daughter-in-law says in a confessional, “I would love for this relationship to be fixed but that does not equal me changing as a person.” Back in the conversation with Kim and Barry, Olivia points out that allowing her to spend time with the siblings would be a good way to resolve things. 

In response to the video, TLC fans are commenting and picking sides. Many of them are siding with Olivia, claiming that Kim and Barry don’t truly love their kids unconditionally. Others point out that Kim and Barry’s strict parenting style was bound to lead to their kids wanting to break free later. And now that has happened. 

So, what do you think of this clip of Olivia, Kim, and Barry? Did you watch this episode of Welcome to Plathville? Let us know in the comments below. 

For the latest updates about the Plath family, check back with TV Shows Ace. You can watch the TLC clip of Olivia, Kim, and Barry’s conversation here. 

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  1. Congratulations on a reality show that has really got my attention. By the way I hate the show but can’t stop watching it. LOL. You expect a lot of the reality shows to have drama most of which is created to keep the show exciting. I truly hope that that is what this show is. I truly hope these people are not really like this in real life. Let me vent.

    We all know The dad and has no say in this family. We can blame her but that’s his choice whether he steps up or allows her to run the show. I was raised in a preachers home and was raised very strict parents however this mom supersedes anything I grew up with. For example, if they were not allowed sugar how come she so heavy? I won’t go into anything more but to you say I was raised up with those some of those same rules. When I married and had children I was strict on my kids but not quite as much as my parents were. I read the word of God prayed and got my instructions from the word rather than how I was raised I do believe the mom is realizing every day that she could have relaxed a little bit but there are things I wished I would have done different with my children. However they are awesome kids, all of them are ministers, and we are all very close. I guess what I’ve been through in my life is what has made this reality show so interesting to me. Just a few comments. My worst dislike is the daughter-in-law. Oh my word is she for real? Victim? Now that’s funny. Would I call her evil spirit, probably not but she is acting like a little devil trying to talk her hubby into every little thing his mother taught him that was wrong. She’s trying to get back at the mother. I think there are some things he can do that the parents didn’t allow, but who is she? He’s a big boy let him choose what he wants to do and not do. She’s just another woman in his life ruling him. You can tell he is scared of her just his dad is of the mother. No different. I just want the reality show to last long enough for it to backfire on her and she teaches him so much of the world that he realizes they’re so much better than her out there that he hasn’t tried yet. I also hope it’s on long enough to watch her parents her children and I hope she teaches them the things she think it’s so important to teach her husband. Also just remember Karma is a bleep. One day her children will marry and hopefully their mates will not be so childish to not allow them to see her. She doesn’t have to agree with his mother I sure don’t but that’s his family and to make him choose is not fair. It’s sad to watch the sadness in his eyes when he hast to be ugly to them so she don’t leave him. You can tell it’s not his wishes although he doesn’t agree with a lot they do he still loves them. Mariah? She is doing watch what some children do when they are raise so strict when they get out on their own they go completely the opposite way. I pray that she will come to reality and realize but there’s a lot more in her voice and her mind and she does not have to sell her body for free for approval. Same statement goes for her brother Micha. Every week when I watch the show I am so frustrated afterwards that I say I’m never gonna watch it again. And then I find myself pushing the DVR and watching it. I’m a realist, so reality TV and true life movies are my thing. So you have hooked me but I had to vent. I’ve never commented on anything on TV in kind and fell ridiculous doing so. Lol But watching the episode of the concert. Really? If I were giving that choice to choose my family or a piano player you can rest of sure it wouldn’t be a piano player. I play the piano, And I don’t care who shows up I’ll do when I’m there to do. Is his mother pushing her luck a little bit? Of course she is however I’m going to watch my daughters first concert unless it’s her desires for me not to be there. Well congratulations on the show, producers. 😊. Free to call me anytime if need advice. LOL. I could be a reality show on my own I’m such a hot mess. LOL

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