‘Teen Mom’: Jenelle Evans and Daughter Ensley Involved In Car Crash

Jenelle Evans YouTube

It has been a tough week for former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans. Not only has Jenelle been catching a lot of heat from her social media followers, but she has also been involved in a scary car crash.

 Jenelle took time to post a mushy Happy Aniversary post to her husband David Eason on social media. Well, her followers wasted no time dragging Jenelle and reminding her of all the things Eason has cost her in their time together. For instance, her, ‘Teen Mom‘ paychecks. The former reality star shares her plans to run errands, look for a new outfit to wear out with David for the celebratory dinner. The video quickly turns into a plug for products Jenelle is using on Ensley’s hair and makeup use.

Jenelle Evans YouTube

Jenelle continues filming inside the car. Then, revealing the downpour of rain, Evans states that they are heading off to Walmart first. Once inside the store, Jenelle feels the need to go over every item in her shopping cart.

Walmart, Guns, And  A Car Crash Rounds Up Jenelle Evans Week

While Evans continues filming, she captures David in the background, strapped to his side, of course, a firearm. Evans then proceeds to take her viewers along with her while she tries on several dresses.  According to The Sun, Jenelle continues chatting away in the car, telling of her plans to head home and unpack their items, when suddenly the car begins to shake and come to a halt. David can be heard stating, ‘my fault’ as Jenelle says, great!

The camera gets shut off, and Jenelle returns the following day to update her followers:

  1. She calls Yesterday the ‘most chaotic day’ ever.
  2. She reveals they were involved in a car accident.
  3. Jenelle admits it was David’s fault, but all is good; everyone has insurance.
  4. Admitting it was only a fender bender, and no one was hurt.

She also goes into detail to explain why she was crying. Finally, she reveals she found out that MTV invited Farrah Abraham to a Teen Mom retreat special. Evans clears up the rumors about her request to join. Evans claims she sat down for a telephone meeting. During the meeting, she claims she tells the producers she would like to do the show. However, she reveals she does not feel comfortable going so far away without her husband David Eason being by her side.


Jenelle claims she is putting in so much effort in changing her past reputation, and it is all going unnoticed. Evans claims that everything that she was offered from MTV is so different from what is happening. Evans goes after the network asking what is the ‘point’ of this show? She claims the network only wanted drama and chaos, and she is glad she is not a part of it. But she confesses she does feel hurt by all of it.

Wrapping up the video, Jenelle shares that she and David Eason will most likely go camping to celebrate their anniversary, admitting to viewers that they are still going strong after all these years. Following the post, Jenelle Evans’ social media followers had plenty to say about the video.

Jenelle Evans Instagram

Jenelle Evans Feels Hurt BY MTV Spinoff Drama

“As an American, I’ll never be able to comprehend that you can just go to the supermarket with a gun. The thought is terrifying.”

Reflecting on the car accident, one viewer posted:” All I can think about is the positionEnsley’ss head was in. I hope she’s OK.”

Another raged: “They didn’t even look back to see if their kid was ok which, you know, a parent would do.”

‘How you can even stay with and celebrate years together is beyond me after everything that has happened between you two,’ writes another.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason claim they are all about being honest and keeping it real for their followers. Do you believe Jenelle’s story?

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