‘Gold Rush’ Alum Todd Hoffman Back with ‘Hoffman Family Gold’

Todd Hoffman, Gold Rush, Hoffman Family Gold-https://www.instagram.com/p/CKwtSwUjdo1/

It’s frickin’ happening! Todd Hoffman is back. Yes, he is back mining gold. Todd is taking a high-stakes gamble and is going for it. Will this be the time that he comes out ahead?

Moreover, he is back on Discovery with a new show called Hoffman Family Gold.

Gold Rush fans, are you ready for all the details?

Todd Hoffman Is Back On Discovery

Gold Rush fans who have missed the Hoffmans are finally getting their wish. Todd Hoffman is back on Discovery. The leader of the Hoffman crew is putting on his mining hat. Moreover, he will be starring in a new Discovery + show, Hoffman Family Gold. The all-new series will start early in 2020. It will air on Discovery+.

Todd will be back with his father, Jack Hoffman. In addition, his son, Hunter Hoffman will also be on Hoffman Family Gold. Along for the ride is a family face. James Thurber will be there, as well as a few more select pals.

In the preview, Hoffman admits, “It’s a long shot.” But the stakes are really high. Because he reveals, “It’s our last shot.”

Todd Hoffman, Hunter Hoffman, Jack Hoffman, Discovery, Gold Rush-https://www.instagram.com/p/B1kFfAsj_VE/
Todd Hoffman, Hunter Hoffman, Jack Hoffman, Discovery, Hoffman Family Gold, Gold Rush-https://www.instagram.com/p/B1kFfAsj_VE/

What Is Hoffman Family Gold About?

What is the new Todd Hoffman golding mining show, Hoffman Family Gold, about? According to The Futon Critic, Todd is headed up to Alaska and taking a big gamble. This time, it is 100 miles north of Nome, Alaska.

There is a mine owned by an old associate that needs rescuing. Over the years, they have tried everything, but this mine seems to be a bust. Will Todd Hoffman have enough magic to find some gold and turn a profit?

It isn’t enough that this land has not been successful. They also have a time limit. He, and his crew, have six weeks to find gold. There are no extensions, as Mother Nature waits for no one. Winter is coming and in Alaska, it will shut your operation down.

Can this rusty crew achieve their goal?

Where Has Todd Hoffman Been?

Back in 2018, Todd Hoffman shocked fans when he announced he was leaving Discovery, Gold Rush, and gold mining. After his departure, he worked on his music, helped drug addicts recover, and developed several ideas for online programming.

One of those projects included Greenhorn Gold. The idea sounded great, however, despite a lot of work to pitch the program, it never came to fruition.

Now, he is back after three years. Will the Hoffman crew find gold in such a short period? We will have to wait until 2022 to find out.

Are you excited to see Todd Hoffman return to Discovery, and to gold mining? Are you surprised he is back? Will you watch Hoffman Family Gold?

Be sure to catch Gold Rush, Season 12, on Discovery, airing on Friday nights, streaming on Discovery+.

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