Scott Disick Is No Longer Keeping Up With Any Of The Kardashians


Scott Disick is letting everyone know just how hurt and angry he is about his ex Kourtney Kardashian‘s relationship with Travis Barker. If Kourtney and company didn’t already know, Scott Disick is making it very clear now. It has been a very difficult past few weeks for Scott. He is having a hard time accepting that thing between him, and Kourtney may very well be over for good this time.

KUWTK fans get that Scott doesn’t like Travis Barker with his ex and baby mama Kourtney. He hates everything about Travis. He is also well aware that he screwed up royally with Kourt during the leaked DMs with Younes Bendjima episode.

Scott Disick Sends Attention-Getting Message To Kardashians

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But now Scott Disick is doing something he has never done before. He has unfollowed Kourtney and the entire Kardashian family and his ex Amelia Gray Hamlin according to The Sun. Disick is reportedly sending a message to Kourtney to tell her how much hurt she is causing the father of three. The sad part is that Scott is shutting himself off from the only family he has.

As for Kourtney Kardashian, well, she has been icing Scott out pretty hard following the DM incident. She is so smitten with Travis Barker that she could care less if Scott feels left out of her life. Kourtney and Scott share Mason, Penelope, and Reign, and these days Kardashian is only interacting with Scott when it comes to the kids. This is breaking Scott’s heart.

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He misses his relationship with Kourt. However, the two have remained incredibly close over the past six years since their split. Scott has always claimed he felt that he and Kourtney are destined to be together. He has always felt that one day he and Kourtney would rekindle their relationship. Today, Scott appears as if he is throwing in the towel and declaring Travis Barker the winner. It is too hard for Scott to follow the Kardashian family any longer. He can’t take having Travis and Kourtney’s obsession with each other thrown in his face daily.

Time To Move On

Scott Disick Instagram

So why did Scott Disick unfollow Amelia Gray? Sources close to the reality star claim that Scott needs a fresh start. He needs to stop looking back and move forward with his life. Scott is content without a relationship and is spending his time focussing on his relationships with his children.

KUWTK fans are wondering will Scott still be included in the Kardashian family’s new upcoming Hulu series? They also feel that he should take some time to reevaluate his life before jumping into a new relationship. Do you believe that Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian’s relationship is over for good, or will the two mend fences and get back to being best friends and co-parents?

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