Kendall Long Speaks Out After Painful ‘BIP’ Exit

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When Kendall Long agreed to go on Bachelor in Paradise again she had no idea it would be so hard. It’s obvious to all that Kendall had hopes of reconnecting with Joe Amabile on the Mexico beaches. After all, that is where they first fell in love. However, neither wanted to relocate permanently so they ended things in January 2020. Now, she endured an intense conversation with Joe on the beach that ultimately led to her departure. She’s speaking out for the first time since that dreaded talk.

Kendall Long speaks out for first time since leaving BIP

During her intense conversation with Joe Amabile, Kendall Long told him she never stopped loving him. She also told him she still considers him her best friend. Kendall went on to say seeing him falling for someone else is torture. Joe in return told Kendall they were over for good. Kendall made the heartbreaking decision to leave.

Now, for the first time, Kendall is speaking out giving fans a clue as to how she’s doing post-departure. Kendall went to Instagram to share some stunning photos of herself. She is smiling and wearing a black dress with bright red heels.

Kendall said, “Refuse to live vicariously. Dare to say no to conforming to others ideas of happiness, learn to say yes to curiosity and to leap towards things that scare you. In the final chapter of life wouldn’t it hurt to look back and regret a story formed from pieces of others lives, wants and desires?”

She continued on saying, “I do what I feel is right. I say what I need to say.” She concluded with, “I don’t regret a single thing. I recommend you all stop living vicariously as well. It’s very freeing 😉.”

A fan asked her in the comments why she didn’t make any sacrifices to keep Joe. Kendall replied saying, “I will always make sacrifices for what I want. My actions speak for what I want.”

Joe’s response to it all

On the Tuesday night episode, Joe told Kendall it was over. He told her he would always be there for her but they were over.

Kendall also spoke previously saying “Initially, I knew that Joe was probably going to be on the show because he was single, and he is actively part of The Bachelor world.” She continued, “When I went on, I wasn’t interested in getting back in a relationship with Joe because if I wanted to, I would’ve done that the year and a half that we were broken up.”

However, seeing Joe ended up being too much for Kendall.

What do you think about Joe and Kendall being over for good?

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