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‘Below Deck Med’: What Made Lexi Wilson Fire Back At Producers?

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Below Deck Med star Lexi Wilson is firing back at producers once again. The troubled stew got fired on Monday night’s episode. She previously blamed the producers for making her look back on national television. Little does she realize that her behavior was of her own volition.

She also fired back at the producers before. The Miss Bahamas said that not everything that you see on TV is what really happened. Lexi claims that producers made up the storyline as they went along. She recently took to Instagram to lash out at them once again after her firing aired this week.

What did Lexi Wilson have to say now?

The Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 star is not backing down. Lexi Wilson has been causing waves on social media ever since this season aired on Bravo and Peacock. The stew claims that she has “tea to spill;” however, she hasn’t revealed anything yet. Lexi plans on using Cameo to tell all about her experience on the superyacht.

There’s just one little problem: she signed an NDA with Bravo stating she can’t talk about the show or reveal spoilers. Yet, that hasn’t stopped her from lashing out at the show and the producers. Lexi blames her behavior on grief and alcohol, but viewers can see that it doesn’t matter what state she’s in.

[Credit: Lexi Wilson/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Lexi Wilson/Instagram Stories]
The model took to Instagram to defend herself. In a now-deleted post captured by Reality Tea, Lexi tried to “clear the air” with her fellow cohorts. Then, she took it upon herself to slam executive producer Nadine Rajabi.

“And the nerve of you to message me talking about how you treated me fairly #nadinerajabi when you allowed this to happen,” Lexi Wilson said in her Instagram post.

She then clarified that the discussion she had with her mom about money was about a former friend, not her cast members. As fans know, the influencer has talked a lot about money since being on the show. Lexi bragged about living in an $8,000 per month condominium. She’s also rumored to be engaged to a wealthy.

Will the Below Deck Med star appear at the reunion?

Lexi Wilson continued to defend herself in the video and deflect from the main issue at hand. Still, she wasn’t winning any points. She claimed that the producers “are the worst in life.” Once again, the Below Deck Med alum claimed that they’re the ones who made her look back. According to Lexi, she’s not that money-obsessed as she appears.

“That episode is completely edited down and the stories are unrelated to the argument,” she continued.

[Credit: Lexi Wilson/Instagram]
[Credit: Lexi Wilson/Instagram]
Fans are wondering if Lexi will show up to the reunion at all. Obviously, she doesn’t have any contact with her fellow crew members. All of them have since moved on from last year. If she does show up, it will make for good television.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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