Tayshia Adams Dishes Reasons Clayton Echard Would Be A Great ‘Bachelor’

Tayshia Adams and Clayton Echard via Instagram

ABC hasn’t officially released the name of the next lead for The Bachelor 2022. However, it leaked out and Clayton Echard himself has even basically confirmed it. He was seen filming in his hometown of Eureka, Missouri. The community came out with banner and all to congratulate Clayton and wish him luck. Now, as Clayton’s season is reportedly expected to start filming shortly, Tayshia Adams is weighing on why he’d make a good lead for the show.

Tayshia Adams shares why she thinks Clayton Echard would be a good Bachelor

Entertainment Tonight shared all about what Tayshia Adams thinks about Clayton Echard. She said if Clayton is chosen fans are in for a treat. Tayshia said, “If it were to be him, truthfully, he was very personable. He seems super fun. I think he’d be a great Bachelor. He was someone that really had fun with all of the dates. I think if it is him, you’re in for a little treat.”

In the beginning, it was all speculation if Clayton would be the leading man or not. Then, he basically confirmed it himself when he spoke to a camera crew in Eureka. Clayton Echard said, “I’m excited. I’m also very, very nervous.” He continued, “I’m looking to find my person.”

Will Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe return to host The Bachelor?

Tayshia also weighed in on if she and cohost Kaitlyn Bristowe will be returning to host The Bachelor. Speculation remains that the show is looking for a permanent host. However, so far nobody has been announced. Many fans are hoping to see Wells Adams step into the role.

As for what Tayshia has to say, she said, “Fingers crossed for anything, but I don’t know yet.” She continued, “We’ll see… I wanna help everybody out. Honestly, I love hosting. I feel like it’s been such a fun position to be in.”

Tayshia noted she feels like since she and Kaitlyn were Bachelorettes, they know what the lead goes through. She said, “Nobody really knows the journey like us Bachelorettes, so in order to get through it confidently I feel like our support and our perspectives have really helped.”

Michelle Young just finished filming her season of The Bachelorette. Fans will meet Clayton Echard when her season premieres on ABC on October 19.

In the meantime don’t miss as Bachelor in Paradise wraps up Season 7.

Stay tuned for more updates on Clayton as his season gets ready to film.



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