Michelle Duggar Straddles Jackalope, Flaunts Knee Caps In Shorts

Michelle Duggar, TLC

Former 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On star Michelle Duggar is showing some skin in a recent snap after mounting a jackalope. As we reported, the Duggar family is currently on a trip. The whole family wasn’t able to tag along, but Jim Bob, Michelle, and their six youngest children seem to be enjoying themselves.

Interestingly, this trip comes amid Josh Duggar’s latest child pornography scandal. Fans are surprised to see that the family is living their lives normally with all of the drama surrounding this scandal. Sources have said that some members of the family are acting like nothing is happening. Based on Jim Bob and Michelle’s recent social media activity, this certainly appears to be true.

Duggar Family Instagram
Duggar Family Instagram

While it first seemed like the Duggars were trying to lay low and keep their names out of the headlines, they are now posting regularly on social media. One of their latest snaps has definitely stirred up some conversations.

Michelle Duggar shows off her legs in a new snap.

On the Duggar family’s Instagram stories, a new photo was posted of Jim Bob and Michelle. The pair is in Wall, South Dakota on their trip with the kids. They are sitting on top of a giant jackalope statue. A jackalope is a mythical creature that is a cross between a jackrabbit and an antelope.

When sharing the picture, the family reveals that Wall, South Dakota is “jackalope country!”

In the photo, Michelle appears to be wearing shorts. Due to the way she’s sitting, her lower leg and knee are totally visible. This comes as a surprise due to the Duggar family’s strict modesty rules. The girls are required to wear long skirts that cover their knees and the rest of their legs as well. Some of the married women have since decided to dress differently and wear shorts, jeans, and shorter dresses or skirts. But this is the first time fans can remember seeing Michelle sporting shorts.

Duggar family Instagram

On Reddit, Duggar Snarks are chatting about the new photo, and they are talking about Michelle’s decision to show some skin. One user writes, “Imagine being so shamed for your body that you need to cover your knees with your hands for what’s supposed to be a fun family photo.”

So, are you shocked to see this photo of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar? Can you believe she’s wearing shorts? Let us know in the comments below.

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