‘General Hospital’ Does Peter August Have An Evil Twin?

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General Hospital spoilers suggest there is more to come with Peter August. He supposedly died months ago after his fall down the stairs, but fans were right to suspect he hadn’t really died. He recently popped up again to torture Nina Reeves and track down Maxie Jones, and he had a nasty encounter with Anna Devane. He jumped off a cliff and is likely on the run again, and some viewers wonder if all of this is leading to a soapy evil twin twist.

Peter’s More Evil Now Than Ever

It seems some General Hospital viewers feel Peter’s personality changed to some extent along the way. Could Peter’s evil twin have stepped in to take over his life at some point? It wouldn’t be that far-fetched, at least not for Port Charles.

Ryan Chamberlain successfully pretended to be his twin brother, Dr. Kevin Collins, and Alex Marick did the same regarding her twin Anna. Given that Alex is Peter’s true biological mother, his having an identical twin taking over his life would show the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

Credit: ABC General Hospital
Credit: ABC General Hospital

General Hospital Nice-Guy Twin Twist Could Redeem ‘Peter’

Celebrating the Soaps mentioned the twin possibility a while back. If there has been a switch, it certainly seems the evil twin is the one causing chaos right now. It might even be possible the evil twin has been the one in Port Charles for quite some time, perhaps even as far back as when Drew Cain was initially held captive.

As the site noted, there’s certainly a path available to keep Peter as the evil one and bring in a twin as the nice guy. General Hospital clearly wants to keep Wes Ramsey on the cast, and bringing in a nice twin could do the trick.

Mysteries Tied To Peter Are All Over

General Hospital viewers already know Drew is being held by “The Boss” in a grungy prison somewhere. The real Nurse Chloe is there too, which would seem to signal Peter’s involvement. Granted, “The Boss” may end up being Victor Cassadine or someone quite unexpected.

Some General Hospital fans have speculated about the twin possibility too. “So many twins in Port Charles. Think they’ll surprise us with a Peter twin? They do the good twin, bad twin thing,” one viewer tweeted. In fact, the writers really upped the soapy twin twist with the Drew and Jason Morgan situation. For years, there have been loose ends related to all the twin drama and memory mapping. It wouldn’t be a stretch to consider Peter had a vested interest in all of that.

Peter jumping off the cliff after his confrontation with Anna and Valentin isn’t anything new for General Hospital. Those types of falls often lead to someone missing, with their body never recovered. For example, that was the case with Sonny Corinthos and Nikolas Cassadine. It’s virtually guaranteed Peter is still alive and on the run, but viewers will have to wait and see how crazy the writers get regarding what comes next.

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