Dean Unglert Talks Boom Boom Room And Other ‘BIP’ Secrets

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Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes are a fan favorite couple from Bachelor in Paradise. They did an interview recently sharing some secrets about the beach that people may not know. Dean and Caelynn talked about what they loved and hated about filming and the logistics of the boom boom room. The room is the place couples go to be alone and share more intimate time together.

First, the couple agreed crabs were everywhere on set. They were in a big open area and the crabs were a constant part of living on the beach for three weeks. Dean also said he couldn’t stand the constant sound of waves. He compared it to being audibly waterboarded because it was constant. Caelynn said crabs were in the shower and they were scared to go in with their claws.

Dean Unglert Shared The Things He Hated

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes talked about the conditions of Paradise. Speaking to US Weekly, they had him rank living conditions from best to worst. Compared were Winter Games, Paradise, and The Bachelorette. He said Winter Games was hard because you were just confined to the house. It was shorter filming but still sucked. Paradise for the reasons mentioned above was second worst, and he liked The Bachelorette the most. He said, “it goes Winter Games worst, Bachelor in Paradise beach second and then Bachelorette the best because you were moving around quite often, and the food is always really good.”

Dean Unglert, Instagram

When asked about the most coveted beauty product Caelynn said the girls that brought their own mirrors were popular. There weren’t that many bathrooms so girls would borrow those. Dean said he tried to break the no-phone rule, but he felt bad about it and told on himself. He gave the contraband to a producer.

Are There Rules For The Boom Boom Room?

The host asked Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes what the rules were on the beach as far as the dress code. They said they aren’t supposed to wear sunglasses or logos on clothing. She also asked about the logistics of the boom boom room. She wanted to know if you had to reserve it. This season it seemed the room had been talked about more than usual. Dean acknowledged it existed on his first season and before that.

Dean Unglert, Instagram

Caelynn said she’d never been there. Dean said on his first season, people fought over it. He said Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan had seniority so they got it the most. Caelynn said the girls figured out it was the only room with air conditioning, so they would get ready in there. Dean said with the limits on drinking, the producers had a binder. There were pictures of each person and every time someone was served a drink they checked a tick box. What do you think about these Bachelor in Paradise secrets? Comment with your thoughts down below.

Do any of them surprise you?

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