‘Deadliest Catch’ Exclusive: The Worst Is Yet To Come In Nail-biting Season 17 Finale

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Deadliest Catch finale is here, and an upfront warning, it’s not an easy watch. It has been a rough 2021 for the entire fleet, and this finale airs Tuesday night and is currently streaming on discovery+.

Please stop reading to avoid light spoilers for the finale episode. 

Ten weeks into the season, half of the canneries suspended operations thanks to COVID, leaving two remaining.

In TV Shows Ace exclusive clip, Summer Bay Captain “Wild” Bill Wichrowski details the lows and the stresses of this troubling season where people were injured and the fleet was constantly at threat for COVID.

But what viewers are in store for is a nightmarish scenario. Wild Bill is suddenly slammed by high surf, and his beloved Summer Bay is breached in especially rough seas.

And to make things worse, an arctic ice pack moves in on the fleet rendering everything unfishable. The $250 million quota is at stake, and the race is on before this ice freezes them out.

Read our interview with Wild Bill Wichrowski here!

What happens on the finale titled The Ultimate Price of Deadliest Catch?

In the coming episode, Captain Keith and brother Monte Colburn are eyeing the ice pack, and seeing the danger is real, the thick ice can take out their hull and sink them. Despite the dangers, they manage to lose a pot to the ice snapping the line, yet they have a decent crab haul.

On the F/V Cornelia Marie, Casey McManus and Josh Harris are close to the ice pack and likely wishing they were back in Hawaii searching the fishing fields mapped out by Josh’s late father, Captain Phil Harris. But the two are in the thick of the Bering Sea, and together, they devise a plan to avoid the ice and retrieve their pots.

And about 28 miles south of Casey and Josh, we find the F/V Northwestern, as Captain Sig Hansen and Mandy are hit and missing the opilio. Sig is trying to stay optimistic, but it’s hard. The Hansens weigh two options, one eastward and one west. They worry that the ice is going to be an issue.

And 48 miles south, Jake Anderson of the F/V Saga responds to Sig’s call. But, unfortunately, they are not catching anything, and Sig brokers a deal with a wary Jake to make their quotas and get out of the ice floes.

Meanwhile, 44 miles northwest on the F/V Time Bandit, Johnathan Hillstrand counts on one more set before the ice pack ends his fishing. “The ice is like a big bully,” he says, describing the situation.  The ice floes start to grow to the size of a large SUV, which is a lethal block of water to hit any of their boats.

Finally, the Summer Bay finds itself racing to make quota, as he loses $4000 in equipment and crab in one snapped line. “What next?” Wild Bill asks.

That question is answered when you tune into the finale.


Deadliest Catch airs Tuesday at 8 PM on Discovery, or stream it now on discovery+

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