‘Teen Mom’: Farrah Abraham Continues To Follow In Kim Kardashian’s Footsteps

Farrah Abraham - Kim Kardashian

Farrah Abraham, the former Teen Mom OG reality star, has always been compared to KUWTK star Kim Kardashian. Over the years, accusations from Abraham’s followers claim that Farrah is a Kim Kardashian want-to-be.

Abraham has denied these accusations for years. However, fans can’t help but notice that Farrah’s likeness and future goals tend to scream out Kim Kardashian! Like Kim, Farrah claims she is set on attending law school and becoming a high-profile attorney. Kardashian fans are aware that Kim’s desires to become a lawyer are documented during the final season of KUWTK.

Farrah Abraham adds she is more than eligible to attend an Ivy League school. Abraham claims that after becoming fed up with Harvard, Yale is showing interest in the reality star/adult entertainer attending their prestigious establishment.

Kim Kardashian KUWTK Youtube
Kim Kardashian KUWTK Youtube

Farrah Abraham Over The Kim Kardashian Comparisons

TMZ reports they spoke with Abraham about her law school desires at a recent event at the Beverly Hills Hilton. Farrah claims that despite suffering ‘educational abuse at Harvard’, she is not giving up on her dreams.

 She reveals that after securing her transcripts from Harvard, Yale and several other top law schools are aggressively recruiting her. However, Farrah seemingly tells TMZ that she is leaning towards attending school in California because she feels she would fit in better on a diverse campus. 

Farrah Abraham TMZ Harvarad rant

As far as those comparing Abraham and Kardashian, Farrah reveals she is in no way at all like Kim. True, they both are reality television personalities. However, they have both also starred in some form of adult entertainment style video. Lastly, both Farrah and Kim express a desire to become lawyers.

Besides those three similarities, most can agree that Farrah Abraham and Kim Kardashian are complete opposites. As previously reported, Farrah expresses the desire to change her life and move on from her negative past.

Farrah Abraham - Instagram
Farrah Abraham – Instagram

Ready To Make Life Changes

This will be a pretty tall order for the former Teen Mom, considering there is so much for her to change. But, unfortunately, Farrah Abraham’s followers tend to find fault with her at every turn, especially when it comes to parenting her 12-old daughter Sophia

They get that Farrah’s childhood was tough on her. She openly talks about the abuse she suffered at her mother’s hands in her new memoir book. Farrah’s past certainly has a lot to do with how she has handled her life up to this point. However, her followers claim that her past should be more of a reason she should strive to raise Sophia differently.

They also feel that Abraham has a lot of growing up to do. Now, 30, she continues to act and party as if she is a young adult. She also carries on with her questionable ways in the company of her daughter. One of Farrah Abraham’s followers’ biggest concerns is that she treats Sophia as an adult equal and best friend instead of a mother. They feel due to this, Sophia Abraham’s future appears to be grim.

Should Farrah Abraham remain serious in her goals of changing her life and becoming a lawyer, great. But, she has a lot of work to do with both before followers buy into her big talk. Seeing is believing.


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