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‘Love After Lockup’ SHOCKING Spoilers: Are Stan And Lisa Still Together?

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Lisa and Stan are by far one of the most interesting couples on Love After Lockup. So it only makes sense they moved onto the spinoff Life After Lockup. Yet their relationship has been riddled with controversy, fights, and drama. Now it appears the two may have gone from marriage talks to splitsville. Has Lisa had her fill of Stan and moved on?

Stan and Lisa’s Love After Lockup Relationship Ups and Downs


Lisa met Stan right before she was incarcerated for about a year. They shared a magical time and he fell hard for her. The widower maintained a relationship with Lisa while she was locked up and planned for her release. He made sure she had everything she could possibly want, including wigs, when he went to pick up her on release day. She shared she had lost her hair during a brawl. Stan wanted her to feel pretty so he went to a high-class wig shop and bought three wigs.

He spared no expense for her, including paying off $3200 in parking tickets so she could get her license back. His friends thought he was crazy for getting involved with her. They believed she was solely after his money since he boasted a wealthy portfolio of approximately 2.3 million dollars. Night one, Lisa ended up staying at a hotel and the relationship continued being tumultuous unless she ran low on funds.

Credit: TLC YouTube
Credit: TLC YouTube

Soon, she moved back in with him where she promised to be paroled. He went so far as to buy her a car and it was clear so liked the high life. Yet, Lisa constantly reminded him she could have any billionaire she wanted. Furthermore, she was still married to two other men and was talking to other women on the side. He would say he was a sugar daddy rarely getting any sugar. So, did their relationship survive after filming?

Lisa Moves On…

According to Starcasm, Lisa has found a new man to settle down with. She shared pics of her new man on her Facebook page and he is definitely not Stan. Lisa and Stan had a twenty+ year age difference whereas her new man is much younger. His name is Todd Michael and he is fifty years old. As for his lifestyle, he has had his own list of convictions, including three felonies, most drug-related.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

He had a DWI in 2019 and his next probation status hearing is in the summer of 2022. Todd is also quite verbal and expresses his political feelings through stickers on his truck. Lisa has not made their relationship official just yet as her Facebook says she is single. Her followers are very happy for her and have nothing but good things to say about her new situation.

What do you think about Lisa moving on from Stan? Watch their relationship continue to unfold on the Love After Lockup spinoff Life After Lockup every Friday night on WEtv.



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