Jared Haibon Shares Heartfelt Tribute After Losing Member Of The Family

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Jared Haibon is getting ready to welcome a new family member with Ashley Iaconetti. The two are expecting their first child. Before they were expectant parents, they were dedicated parents to their fur babies.

The couple’s pooches are always featured on their social media, and Brady was a special boy to his owners. Jared posted about Brady and the impact he had on him in a social media tribute. He said they lost him on September 15th. The tribute included a video of Brady chasing a ball in slow motion and it hit him in the back. It also had several pictures of him including one of him and several other pups sitting on Ashley.

Jared Haibon
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Jared Haibon And Brady Shared A Birthday

Jared Haibon posted they got Brady as a pup in 2007. Later they found out his birthday was on November 15th which is the same as his. He said, “I immediately felt a connection with him.” Brady was a family dog and Jared shared they said, “he was my Mom’s soulmate because they were so much alike.”

According to Bachelor Nation, he said he likes to think they were one of the first New England families to name a dog after Tom Brady. He said, “I love you, Brady. I’m going to miss you every day. Thank you for being my brother.” Bachelor stars responded to the tribute. Ben Higgins said, “man I’m sorry, you love your dogs so well and he was lucky to be a part of your family. Thinking about you dude.” Dean Unglert said, “so sad. but his life was full of the love you guys gave him.”

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He Shared Some Touching Brady Stories

Jared Haibon also shared when his cat passed away and he was sitting in the living room crying, Brady just sat next to him. He said, he just knew something was wrong and wanted to be there for him. He said, “he never felt like a pet to me, he was always a part of the family.” Lots of fans also shared their condolences. One said, “it’s so hard to say goodbye to our furry friends. We know your pain. He’s lucky to have been with you guys for so long. another said, “Dogs do know when their humans are sick or hurting emotionally. What a sweet story.”

His mom posted on his tribute bringing tears to everyone’s eyes. She said, “Well said my son this is a beautiful story of Brady. He was your brother and a family member and he was a very very soulful dog and always was there to make someone feel better!” What do you think of Jared’s sweet tribute? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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