Connor Saeli Dishes On Speculation He’s Dating TikTok Star Jenna Palek

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There has been a lot of speculation about The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise alum Connor Saeli and a TikTok star. He’s been linked to Jenna Palek for a while now. However, he’s never really addressed their relationship. Plus, rumors also flew around in previous months he was speaking to someone else in Bachelor Nation. So, what’s going on with Connor? Is he spoken for?

Connor Saeli dishes on his relationship with Jenna Palek

US Weekly shared all about what Connor Saeli had to say on a recent podcast, Here for the Right Reasons.  One thing he dished about is his relationship with TikTok star Jenna Palek. First and foremost, Connor says he is single. He is not in an exclusive relationship. However, he did share some very interesting information about his time spent with Jenna and other Bachelor stars.

Connor said, “Just to be upfront, I am single. Jenna, the situation with her, we met a little less than a year ago and have kind of become really, really good friends over the last year.” The Bachelorette alum continued, “And then we’ve just been spending more and more time with each other over the last, you know, three months or so. [We’ve] gotten like really close. And I would say that questions have come up, like, ‘OK, do we like each other? Is this more than friends?’ I think it’s something we’re trying to figure out still.”

He went on to clarify they are not dating. Connor said, “Both of us are super busy with things we’re doing in our lives. She just quit her job to do her podcasts full-time and everything, so she’s got a lot going on.” He went on saying, “I got a lot going on with [my Waterboy] business and everything I’m working on. So, I think we’re pretty focused on that stuff, but we definitely enjoy spending time with each other and hanging out. [But] we’re not dating.”

He’s been linked to another popular Bachelor alum

Since appearing on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, Connor has been connected to other alums. He briefly connected with Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Whitney Fransway. Obviously things didn’t work out with either of these lovely ladies. Since, he’s been linked to another alum.

Connor has been seen out and about with Madison Prewett on occasion. However, he maintains the two are just friends. There is yet another alum he was also speaking with. He said this person was interested in going on BIP. In the end they didn’t. However, they found someone else.


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Connor said, “There was a person that I was interested in who may or may not be going on Paradise this upcoming season. When I say ‘interested in,’ we were hanging out and talking for a while.”He continued, “But that person decided to also talk to another person at the same time, which I recently found out. I would’ve been interested in going if I had the opportunity to explore that connection. That’s the only reason I would want to go.”

He was quick to clarify it was not Madi. Connor said, “They did not, actually. They’re very happy and I’m happy for them too. They’re happily in a relationship with someone. … We recently kind of, like, made peace of that situation. It’s not Madi. I have so much respect for Madi, she is an amazing person, but it’s not Madi.”

So, for now, it looks like Connor Saeli remains a single man. What do you think about his TikTok collabs with Jenna Palek?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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