Amy King Wishes To Save Abused Children After Cousin Josh Duggar’s Arrest

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Amy King is speaking out about her cousin Josh Duggar’s alleged crimes once again. This time, she has the victims on her mind.

For those who don’t know, former 19 Kids & Counting star Josh Duggar was arrested for the possession of child pornography. He was arrested in April, and he’s currently staying with a legal guardian until his trial in November. Since his arrest, new details about the investigation and case have surfaced.

Amid his arrest and all of the negative attention, the Duggar family is staying pretty quiet, though. One of Josh’s family members, however, is subtly talking about him. Amy has been dropping hints that she wants Josh’s wife Anna Duggar to pack her bags and leave him or to start telling her story. But this whole time, Anna has stayed silent.

Now, Amy has something else to say in response to Josh’s arrest.

Anna Duggar Instagram, Josh Duggar
Anna Duggar Instagram

Amy King is thinking of all of the abused children.

In a recent Instagram story post, Amy shared a quote about her wishes. It doesn’t look like she wrote the message herself. The post reads, “If there was ever such a thing as a genie granting wishes one of my wishes would be: that I could care, rescue, and protect all the children who are neglected and abused. That I could afford and have a house big enough to provide for them in every way possible, from diapers to college and vehicles. To give them a safe haven.”

While it’s possible that this is simply an important message that Amy decided to share, fans assume it has something to do with Josh’s arrest. Many of her recent posts have seemingly been about Josh and his alleged crimes.

Amy King Instagram

It doesn’t seem like Amy will stop sharing subtle messages about her cousin Josh and the rest of her family. She recently shared a quote about toxic family members. Once again, it seemed like the post was aimed at Jim Bob and Josh, despite her not naming any names. Fans are hopeful that Amy will continue to use her voice and platform for good.

So, do you appreciate Amy King’s honesty and openness following Josh Duggar’s arrest? Are you glad she’s using her platform to speak out about what’s important to her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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