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Is ‘American Pickers’ Co-Star Is Behind Mike Wolfe’s Recent Breakup?

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Is American Pickers star Mike Wolfe now involved in a love triangle? The reality start who calls himself “The Jack Kerouac of Junk” has a lot of drama of late.

Let’s check out the latest tea.

American Pickers Star Has Girlfriend Problems

Is American Pickers star Mike Wolfe embroiled in a love triangle with his new girlfriend Leticia Cline, and his long-time friend, and co-star, Danielle Colby?

Suggest posted some info from a Globe tipster who indicated that there is a catfight going on between Leticia and Danielle. Allegedly, Danielle is not afraid to speak out and express what’s on “her mind.” Meanwhile, Leticia is getting “riled up” over this treatment.

Moreover, Danielle has reportedly told her long-time friend that his new girl is not the one for him. Sounds like Leticia is fighting back. She is telling Danielle to “back off her man.”

Sounds like the claws are out. They seem to be ready to attack, and Mike seems to be rather helpless in this situation. How did he get to this place?

Mike Wolfe Went Official With Leticia Cline After Divorce Announcement

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe went official with Leticia Cline just after his divorce was announced. In July 2021, it was announced that Mike Wolfe’s wife, Jodi Catherine Wolfe, filed for divorce. In addition, she cited irreconcilable differences, and that the marriage was over in September 2020. The couple has one daughter that lives with her.

However, according to TMZ, Mike and Leticia worked together back in 2018, thanks to some photographic evidence. It was not until April 2021 that the pair started to “hang out.” Afterward, Cline started to accompany Wolfe on official Picker business. They shot scenes in California.

The American Picker’s star and Leticia have a lot more in common. The model and journalist was once a reality star. She was on the WB dating show, Beauty and The Geek.

Like Mike Wolfe, she developed a fascination with antiques and history as a youth. On her website, she called herself a “Forever Tourist.” She shares that her “first adventures” were in her yard. She found a piece of Civil War history. At her neighbor’s, she found Native American history. She loved to dig up cool things.

Thus, it seems that the couple had a lot of common interests. But longtime fans of the show think that Mike and Danielle have been a couple for a long time. Could there be a love triangle with Mike’s close friend, and co-star, Danielle Colby?

American Pickers, Leticia Cline, Mike Wolfe-
American Pickers, Leticia Cline, Mike Wolfe-

Is American Pickers Star Danielle Colby Still Married?

What about American Pickers star Danielle Colby? Is she still married to the French artist, Alexandre De Meyer? Although the couple married in 2015, Distractify reports that the marriage ended in 2018.

Danielle’s first marriage was to Englishman Robert Strong. The couple has two children. Now, she looks to be getting married for the third time. She is engaged to artist and photographer, Jeremy Scheuch.

Jeremy posted a photo of them together just last week. There do not seem to be any issues with this couple.

Could there be a relationship between the two co-stars? Danielle and Mike have worked together for 25 years. They have a strong bond. He entrusted Danielle to watch over the shop when American Pickers started filming. If they were a real couple, they would have gone public. Instead, they are good friends.

Yet, that bond seems to have broken between Mike and his childhood friend Frank.

American Pickers Daniel and Jeremy-
American Pickers Daniel and Jeremy-

Where Is American Pickers Star Frank Fritz?

Lately, it feels like American Pickers is less hobo and more Housewife. The drama is intense. Anyone watching the latest season can see something is seriously missing. Where is Frank?

Turns out, Mike Wolfe has also split up with his childhood pal, Frank Fritz. Fritz had some addiction issues. He relapsed. Frank blamed his girlfriend for the emotional response and relapse.

He has also shared that he has not spoken to Mike Wolfe in over two years. Things don’t seem to have resulted in a reunion. Moreover, he is no longer on the show.

Have you been following the intense drama on American Pickers?

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