‘When Calls The Heart’s’ Paul Greene Starring In Hallmark’s ‘Christmas CEO’

Paul Greene, When Calls The Heart-Photo: Paul Greene Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

When Calls The Heart star Paul Greene seems to have a pretty busy 2021, however, it doesn’t seem to include any time in Hope Valley. Instead, he is getting ready to film a new Christmas movie.

Here is the latest news on the WCTH fan-favorite.

Paul Greene Starring In Hallmark’s Christmas CEO

Hearties who have been wondering what Paul Greene has been up to can start to make their holiday plans. He is back in Canada, and he is getting ready to shoot a new Hallmark movie, Christmas CEO.

Greene shared on his Instagram that is in Canada, and away from his pregnant fiancée, Kate Austin, for a few weeks. According to StarWatchByline’s Twitter post, that is the only movie filming in Ottawa.

So far, there are no other details about Christmas CEO. A lot of Hallmark fan-favorite female stars are currently filming movies. Therefore, his co-star remains quite a mystery.

Is Paul Greene Returning To When Calls The Heart?

Social media savvy Hearties have been enjoying the BTS photos from the When Calls The Heart cast and crew. However, Paul Greene has not been in any of these photos.

It was assumed that since he and his fiancée, Kate Austin are expecting a baby in autumn, he may have decided to stay close to their Los Angeles-area home base.

However, on his podcast, The Grass Is Greener With Paul Greene, he talked about WCTH Season 9 with Chris McNally. He also shared that his status was unclear.

At the end of every season, our characters have to go do something and it’s like Martin’s leaving…Claire and Jesse are leaving on a vacation…everyone exits leaves Hope Valley so they can come back.”

However, Greene also pointed out that “When we start a new season, we start off with something that has happened, and now they’re here.”

Hallmark, Paul Greene-https://www.instagram.com/paulgreeneofficial/
Hallmark, Paul Greene-https://www.instagram.com/paulgreeneofficial/

Will Dr. Carson Shepherd Return To When Calls The Heart?

Now that the When Calls The Heart Season 9 filming has been going strong for nearly two months, it seems like Paul Greene will not be returning. When he returns from Ottawa, from filming Hallmark’s Christmas CEO, he will be preparing for the birth of his second child.

Does this mean that there will be no Dr. Carson Shepherd in WCTH Season 9? It doesn’t sound like it.

Moreover, back in June, when Greene interviewed McNally, he also admitted that he had not spoken to Showrunner John Tinker. He even admitted that he did not personally know what was next for his character.

We just never know what’s going on. I mean, we think we know, but there’s a lot of…even if I did know, I probably wouldn’t share it at this point because I haven’t been cleared or whatever.  I can’t clearly say I’ll be back next year and I can’t clearly say that I won’t.”

One thing that seems clear is that Paul Greene will be back this Christmas. He is starring in Hallmark’s Christmas CEO. Stay tuned for his co-star information and premiere date.


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