‘RHOBH’: Andy Cohen Learns Major Revelation About Kathy Hilton During Season 11 Reunion


RHOBH’s Season 11 details continue to surface. Bravo host Andy Cohen reveals that he has come to realize a lot of surprising information about Kathy Hilton during this season’s reunion.

Andy Cohen claims one of the best discoveries surrounds Kyle Richards’ big sister Kathy Hilton. Andy claims that Kathy’s contribution to the hit Bravo series has quickly gained the admiration of everyone.

Kathy Hilton has added a certain zest to the reality series. From everything, including her hilarious catchphrases, practical jokes to her fabulous dinner parties, Hilton has gained the admiration of everyone. Andy reveals that he loves every minute of Kathy this year. According to Bravo.com. Cohen shares his admiration for Kathy Hilton on the September 16 episode of Watch What Happens Live.



Kathy Hilton Becomes Favorite BH Housewife

Cohen’s guest Jessica Chastain tells Andy that she is “obsessed with Kathy Hilton this season. She adds she loves absolutely everything about her. Andy has also been gushing over his newly acquired fondness for Hilton. Andy tells his WWHL guests that he has learned something new about Kathy and the Hilton family while filming the RHOBH Season 11 Reunion.

“She told me at the reunion that she and [her] husband, Paris and Nicky sit around the living room eating off of trays,” Andy said, much to his guests’ delight. “That’s how they eat their meals.” So, there it is! Andy reveals the wealthy Hilton family is more down-to-earth than fans may think. The TV tray tradition goes way back, according to Kyle Richards. Kyle shares that their mom, Kathleen Richards, was also a big fan of the family eating their meals together on trays.

As for the reunion, well, fans are anxiously awaiting the big day. As mentioned above, details are leaking about what went down during the filming. This season’s drama belongs to Erika Jayne.

Lisa Rinna On Scott Disick


Following Wednesday’s episode, Lisa Rinna joined Andy at the Bravo Clubhouse. Guest Sarah Paulson asks Rinna if there was anybody you went in thinking something during the reunion and came out feeling differently?

Rinna replies, “Yes.” However, we’re going to have to wait until theĀ RHOBH reunion airs to find out. When hit with a question about her daughter Amelia Gray and Scott Disick’s split, Rinna couldn’t conceal her happiness. But, adds, “I have actually been quite nice about Scott Disick.”

The Season 11 Reunion is going to be a doozy. Andy Cohen claims that a lot of drama went down, and Erika answers everything!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesday at 8/7c on Bravo.

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