Lifetime’s ‘My Husband’s Secret Brother’ Is a Joey Lawrence Family Affair


Lifetime’s latest thriller, My Husband’s Secret Brother, is filled with Joey Lawrence relations. Not only is the Melissa & Joey star in this cautionary tale, but his fiancée, Samantha Cope (Where Are you, Bobby Browning?), his daughter Charleston Lawrence, in her first movie, and his two brothers, Matthew Lawrence (Mistletoe Mix-Up), and Andrew Lawrence (United States Of Tara).

Andrew Lawrence, along with Tim Schaaf co-wrote the script.

This is a story about some family secrets. Are you ready to learn all the secrets?

What Is Lifetime’s My Husband’s Secret Brother About?

Ready to learn more about Lifetime’s My Husband’s Secret Brother? According to Deadline, Jackie (Cope), is a widow with a lot of cash. This heiress is no longer forced to spend her bundles of money just on herself. She has found love! Jackie has met Kevin (Joey Lawrence), a plastic surgeon.

However, the tragedy has not ended. Instead, she uncovers a lot of secrets. She learns more about Kevin and her husband’s family.

Moreover, Jackie and her daughter are now in danger. Can they get out of this alive?

Joey Lawrence Met Fiancée On Lifetime Set

Joey Lawrence and Samantha Cope plan on tying the knot. Turns out, they met on the set of this Lifetime movie!

According to People, the couple met on the set of this LMN movie.  After sharing that he married and had children at a young age, he is happy that he has found love again.  “To fall asleep every night laughing together is now the new normal. And to not only share a life together but to be able to create together and work together is truly fulfilling.”

What does Joey’s leading lady have to say about meeting her future husband? Samantha Cope wrote on her Instagram account about the experience.

“New movie airing on @lifetimemovies this week! #MyHusbandsSecretBrother (originally titled “Deadly Deed”) will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the movie that led me to my future hubby 🖤. That amazing October morning… driving to work-about to start a new project, having no idea that God had even bigger things in store. Life is unpredictable. Follow your heart and know that if it’s meant for you it will be yours. Keep striving to live your life authentically even when you’re heavily criticized. Because in the end if you stay true to your core values and accept the blessings as they come, your life will turn out even better than expected. You got this. 🖤🖤🖤 Also… the irony is not lost that the poster says “Getting Married Can Be Murder” 😂 Don’t worry y’all… I vetted him.”

Lifetime, LMN, My Husband's Secret Brother-
Lifetime, LMN, ‘My Husband’s Secret Brother’-

When Can You Watch My Husband’s Secret Brother?

Be sure to catch Lifetime’s My Husband’s Secret Brother on Friday, September 17, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on LMN.


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