‘You’ Season 3: Call This Number and Get a Special Voicemail Message

You Season 3

Joe and Love can’t wait for you to join them for You Season 3. For those who can’t wait, there’s a special phone number to call.

All You fans are excited. The third season is on its way next month, and it’s time to see what life will be like for Joe now that his son is born. This was not something he planned, but he’s going to attempt to be the best dad possible for little Henry. However, it is more of a case of “do as I say and not as I do” with Joe.

For those who simply can’t wait for the new series, the show has put together a little surprise. There’s a phone number you can call in the United States to get a special message from the Goldberg-Quinn household.

You Season 3 Phone Number to Call

The show’s official socials shared the number to call. You’ll want to dial +1-650-409-8000.

It’s not clear just how long this number is available, but it will be up until at least Sept. 17 (more on why in a moment). Anyone can call it, but do be aware that it is a U.S. number. If your phone plan doesn’t allow the international call, you won’t get the message.

That doesn’t mean you have to miss out, though. Fans have shared their own videos on Twitter and including a transcript for those who can’t hear it.

It is supposed to be a landline number. You won’t be able to text to get any messages. It is a shame in a way, but it would be much harder to set up the fun texting system while a phone can be left off to allow everyone to go straight to the voicemail to hear the message.

Joe and Love Leave a Voicemail Message

When you call the number, you’ll go to Joe and Love’s voicemail. They introduce themselves and their new baby, Henry. The two share that you’ll want to leave a message and they’ll get back to you on Sept. 17.

That is Friday, Sept. 17, about a month before the premiere date of You Season 3. What could they have to share with fans on Sept. 17? That’s something to find out. TV Shows Ace will be sure to keep an eye on what’s going on to make sure you’re in the know.

After the message, there’s another clip to listen to. There’s the sound of a baby crying and Joe saying that this is the “most scared” he’s ever been. A doctor then says “Congratulations, Dad! It’s a boy.” That’s when it all ends. It sounds like this is connected to the arrival of Henry, which could suggest the series is going to jump straight to Henry being born rather than dealing with birth announcements and a pregnancy storyline. That is something the promo for the season also hinted at.

What do you think Joe and Love will share on Sept. 17? What do you hope to see on You Season 3? Share in the comments below.

You Season 3 premieres on Friday, Oct. 15 on Netflix.

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